In Memory

Robert (Rob) Gillispie III

Date of death:  July 5, 1995

Residence at time of death:  Homewood, Illinois

Age:  53

Cause of death:  cancer

Occupation:  Investment banker

Family:  Wife, Mary Ann; four daughters, Katherine Trindl, Margaret, Elizabeth and Virginia;  one son, William; three grandchildren

Rob's life:  "Gillis" attended Braeside and Edgewood, where he had a reputation as a quick wit, ultra-prolific reader and irreverant observer of the social scene.  He left HPHS after his junior year to attend Lake Forest Academy, where he graduated in 1959.  He went to Dartmouth College for a year, then moved back to Illinois to attend the University of Chicago, where he received bachelor's and master's degrees.

He was an investment banker in Chicago for 30 years, starting at Northern Trust Bank.  In 1990, Rob was named senior vice president for public finance at Chicago Corp., a securities firm.  

Rob's obituary in the Chicago newspapers says that he was a member of the Mensa Society, an international organization of people whose IQ ranks in the top 2%.  It comes as no surprise to those of us who knew him that he would have qualified easily for a group of "super-bright" people.