In Memory



Date of death:  2016

Location at time of death:  Florida

Cause of death:  Heart failure

Family:  Janet had two sons, Darren Rademacher and Brent Rademacher, both successful musicians who live in Los Angeles.  Darren's band is called "The Tyde" and Brent's band is called "GospelbeacH."  Both groups can be seen on Youtube.

Other information:  Jan, as she called herself in her adult years, was a professional portrait photographer through most of her working life.

Her best friend at HPHS, Sally Stillson (Bartlett) remembers:

"Neither Janet nor I had a real sister, so we pretended many times we were when we were out.  I can remember dressing in identical gray wool skirts, white sweaters, bobby sox and neck scarves, with our blonde hair up in ponytails and shoes called 'bubbles' on our feet.  Some people actually thought we were twins.

"Jan and I lost track of eachother for a good 20 years before reuniting by phone, but I have to say she never missed sending me a happy birthday note every year.   She never forgot.  We shared the loss of an adult child five years ago, when her daughter Wendy and my son Bryan both passed away; not only sisters of the heart, but sisters who shared a common grief.

"Three days before she died of heart failure she sent me her last email.  I am terribly sad that there will never be another."

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