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Memorial Service 2

June 4, 2012 – 50 years to the day – June 4, 1962 Iolani Graduation

Just as Chaplain Leatherman told the Class of 2012 at their service a few days ago, that "this would be the last time that they would sit together as a class in St. Alban’s Chapel”, so would today’s service mark the last time we, the Class of 1962, would sit together as a class.  And now, we will take away the “memory stones” and “pearls of time” from today's scripture - Joshua 4:1-3, 8, 19-24 and Matthew 13:31-33, 44-46 from two memorable, milestone days spent on campus.

A rendition of the Official 50th Anniversary Class photo that the Alumni Office will likely post in the next 'Iolani Bulletin.

And here's the one with spouses and the Iwashitas.

First pictures on the hour and a half tour.  More will follow once they're turned into Lui, but here's a flavor of them.


Conroy taking charge of badges since Alumni office didn't know that Steve and his names were crossed up in the yearbook.  The undisputed highlight of tour started with the Kozuki Stadium press box.


The best classroom in the Kozuki Stadium complex - Would you believe that the only class taught here was "Shakespeare."  Didn't Mrs. Donnell teach us, " A rose by any other name is still a rose" in speech class?

  Dennis conferring with Dave in the HK Castle Building that houses band, orchestra and a computer learning center that looked out of date compared to the computer lab in the elementary building (pictures forth coming).  The high school students have their own computers and no longer need a computer lab to do their homework.

A most touching discovery on the campus tour brought me back to the significant, once in a life time milestone we have upon us . . .  one of several plaques, this one of the Father Bray Athletic Center.


Can we reach $100,000 and have the Class of 1962 on the new Sullivan Center wall of donors?



St. Alban's Chapel slated to be renovated, but maintained as the center piece of the expanded Master Plan of 'Iolani in the future.  Much the same as 50 years ago, but with new koa pews (no more kneeling pews).




Kira really put one over us with this display that she got from her archivist.  Page 5 of the Imua Senior Edition has "The Last Will and Testament" of several classmates that will possibly re-emerge some time soon.  No one present recalled this Imua edition, let alone their own last will and testament.  

Next it was off to the Headmaster's inner courtyard for lunch.

Welcome to the house that I no longer live in.



Sam kidnapped me from teaching at Iolani in 1969 and took me to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for Marquette med school before letting us settle down in Southern Cal where I'm from.  Milt telling grandpa Kenneal how to get his granddaughter Justine Duan '15 into USC with a full ride.


 What do you think your legacy of 17 years will be?   My daughter has twins.  Can we have a 2 for 1 tuition?  In fact both parents and grandpas are 'Iolani alumni.

   Our gracious hostess with our class-mom (albeit, grand daughter).

  Kira '05 may be petite and soft spoken, but she was a State Champion in judo and wrestling, so we watch what we say to her.  The picture frames we're giving to you today are a small token of our appreciation—we don't want to spend all the money you have gifted to the school. 


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More pictures from Alan.

And some pictures from Sam.