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Iroquois County Ghosts

It's been talked about forever, and no secret that many of us ventured North to try to see this when we were teenagers.     Did you see it?    Oh, what pure, simple fun it took to amuse us kids back then!     Here is the story as written up by a local resident.   



Lantern's Lane

The Story:  


The story I heard as to the origins of Lantern's Lane date back to the 19th century. It involves a man coming up missing on his way home. His wife becomes worried, and goes out in search of him with a lantern. She then disappears, and the two are never seen again.

Lantern's Lane has two main attractions. The first is a stone mailbox which supposedly has no back. You can reach inside and your arm will never find the other end. This is untrue.

The second is of course the lantern. The best way for seeing the lantern, I'm told, is to park the car in the middle of the road and wait. I would recommend turning the car off. After awhile, you will see an amber light in the distance getting closer. I've heard people say they look out to see it sitting on the trunk of their car.

The house that was the supposed residence of the vanished couple was recently demolished. It was always rumored to be haunted, and was frequently visited by thrill-seekers until a man living at the house shot someone for tresspassing.

An interesting story I've heard involves a girl at work who entered the house with some friends. They tried entering the basement, but felt as if an "invisible force" were holding them back. As they made ready to leave, the girl picked out a sewing pattern she had found on the floor to keep as a souvenior.

On her way out, she reported that the pattern felt hotter as she approached the door. It became so hot, she had to leave it inside the house. When she got outside, her hand was imprinted with red burn marks from the pattern.


  1. Starting from Watseka, turn left (South) on S. Second street.
  2. Follow this road out of town, all the way to Woodland. Body Cemetery will be on the right.
  3. Take a right turn (West) at the cemetery, then immediately take a left turn (South) on 1980E for 2.1 miles.
  4. The road will curve twice, and after the second curve, turn right (West) onto 1200N. This is Lantern's Lane.
  5. The site of the demolished house is 2.4 miles West, and the mailbox is 2.5 miles West.

The mailbox can still be seen:


The stone mailbox

© 2002 by Matthew Havens       "Permission granted to copy this"



Another favorite place to visit for "ghosts" was this cemetery.  

Yes, I will admit it, I went there, don't laugh, some of you

other girls were most likely in the car also.    Just good

clean fun back in the early '60's.  Kept us out of real trouble.

"Alfonzo's" Grave

The Story:  "Alfonzo's Grave" is located in a cemetery East of Woodland. As far as I know,

no one named "Alfonzo" is buried there.

The grave is simply a tombstone that glows in your headlights as your car climbs

up a nearby hill. I believe it is the material of the stone coupled with the angle of the

headlights which produces this effect.

The other graves are not visible from the hill, and the stone is shaped in such a way

that in the darkness, it looks like the glowing figure of a man.


  1. From Sheldon, take Route 24 West to Route 1 South.
  2. Turn right (west), .7 miles towards Legion Park.
  3. Take County Road 2200E 1.7 miles South (left turn).
  4. Turn left (east) on County Road 1550N. Drive .8 miles.
  5. Take the first right turn (south) on County Road 2290E.

After about .1 miles, you will see a house off to the left once you turn onto 2290E,

and a small hill in the road. Drive slowly up this small hill, and look forward and to the right.

As you pass the crest of the hill, you will notice the grave's reflection in your

headlights come into view.

© 2002 by Matthew Havens          "Permission granted to copy this"



Did you visit either of the above sites?   Tell us all you remember about your visits!   Share with us, it's been over 50 years!