Class of 1964

The World in 1964

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"Golden Sands of Time . . . " Another graduating class of JHS

What was happening when these classmates graduated:

What happened in 1964 Major News Stories include The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is signed into law, The Beatles hold the top five positions in the Billboard Top 40 singles in America, Race Riots in Major US Cities, First pirate radio station, Radio Caroline, is established, 24th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States is Ratified, Elizabeth Taylor marries Richard Burton for the first time, U.S. Surgeon General reports that smoking may lead to lung cancer, Mods and Rockers fight at British Seaside Resorts


JHS Teachers during 1964 school year:

JHS Administration:

  • Robert Lundgren
  • Joseph Blackstead
  • Donald Ellis
  • Alice Murray

Language, Library, Social Studies:

  • Eugene Roberts
  • Gail Brinker
  • Gary Dietzen
  • John Denier
  • Orlando Haugland
  • Richard Hearn
  • Joe Helfert
  • Jane Hicks
  • Larry Jorgensen
  • Helen Nakano
  • Robert Rupar
  • Vernon Steffen

Math & Science:

  • Henry Matsomoto
  • Wayland Burgess
  • Ronald Durso
  • Ronald Malooley
  • Frances Weeks

The Arts: Music, Commercial Home:

  • Lois Bradshaw
  • Robert Cathey
  • James Handorf
  • Childress McQueen
  • Robert LaBlanc

Physical Education:

  • Delores Slusher
  • John Fuller
  • Dwight Hawkes


1964 Class Officers

  • Mitch Dorger, President
  • Jennifer Monsarrat, Vice President
  • Janice Muhl , Secretary-Treasurer
  • Larry Jorgensen, Class Advisor

Varsity Basketball


Varsity Football


JHS Cheerleaders

Front to Back:  Barbara Goodwin, Glennis Harter, Georgia Thomas, Cheryl Shook, Marcia Brokenik


JHS Activities