Class of 1965

The World in 1965

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"Golden Sands of Time . . . " Another graduating class of JHS


What was happening when these classmates graduated:

What happened in 1965 Major News Stories include Mary Quant designed Northeast blackout including Parts of Canada and U.S. North East, Mini Skirt appears in London, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. leads civil rights march in Alabama from Selma to Montgomery, The Voting Rights Act, guaranteeing African Americans the right to vote becomes law, Operation Rolling Thunder Launched In Vietnam, St. Louis, Gateway Arch is completed, Race Riots Break Out In Watts, California


JHS Teachers during 1965 school year:

JHS Administration:

  • Donald Ellis
  • Joseph Blackstead
  • Michael Butterbaugh

Language, Library, Social Studies:

  • Eugene Roberts
  • Ruth Birkhead
  • Margrajean Black
  • Barbara Byrne
  • Donald Fouts
  • Orlando Haugland
  • Irene Moss
  • Suzanne Palenik
  • Don May
  • Helen Nakano
  • Suzanne Palenik
  • Robert Rupar
  • Mary Spoutz

Math & Science:

  • Henry Matsumoto
  • Lois Bradshaw
  • Ronald Durso
  • Ronald Malooley
  • Stanley Friewski
  • Marilyne Spencer

The Arts: Music, Commercial Home:

  • Robert Cothey
  • Childress McGovern
  • Robert LaBlanc
  • Phillip Maher

Physical Education:

  • Bruce Blevins
  • Joan Fawrup


1965 Class Officers

  • Marty Martin,  President
  • Bruce Stewart, Vice President
  • Carolyn Belcher, Secretary

Coaches: Ronald Durso, Stan Pniewski, Bruce Blevins






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