Class of 1967

The World in 1967

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"Golden Sands of Time . . . " Another graduating class


What was happening when these classmates graduated:

It was the Summer of Love.
Lyndon Johnson and Hubert Humphrey were in the white house.
Rolling Stone Magazine was in San Francisco.
The continued presence of American troops increased further and a total of 475,000 were serving in Vietnam and the peace rallies were multiplying as the number of protesters against the war increased. The boxer Muhammad Ali was stripped of his boxing world championship for refusing to be inducted into the US Army. In the Middle East Israel also went to war with Syria, Egypt and Jordan in the Six Day War and when it was over Israel controlled and occupied a lot more territory than before the war.
In England a new type of model became a fashion sensation by the name of Twiggy and mini skirts continued to get shorter and even more popular with a short lived fashion being paper clothing.
The Beatles continued to reign supreme with the release of Sargeant Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band and The Doors album had  just came out.  Star Trek was on TV and The Graduate at the theatre. The Chevy Camero was just introduced, and the Amana Microwave Oven. The Age of Aquarius was born ... (along with Pamela Anderson and Julia Roberts.)
During this year new discotheques and singles bars appeared across cities and around the world; this year was also coined the summer of love when young teenagers got friendly and smoked pot and grooved to the music of "The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and The Byrds". The movie industry moved with the times and produced movies that would appeal to this younger audience including "The Graduate," Bonnie and Clyde" and "Cool Hand Luke." TV shows included "The Fugitive" and "The Monkeys" and color television sets become popular as the price comes down and more programs are made in color.

JHS Teachers during 1967 school year:

JHS Administration:

  • Donald Ellis
  • Joseph Blackstead
  • Johnell Powell
  • George Yoshida
  • Yukie Takahashi
  • Michael Butterbaugh

Language, Library, Social Studies:

  • Eugene Roberts
  • Gerald Hill
  • John Fortune
  • Robert Larson
  • Mary Moscinski
  • John Ahrens
  • Joann Bridges
  • Elizabeth Campbell
  • Viola Hilton
  • Carol Carlson
  • John Pierce
  • Eleanor Crenshaw
  • Mr. Kukbota

Math & Science:

  • Henry Matsomoto
  • Gilbert Leslie

The Arts: Music, Commercial Home:

  • Marilyn Goodrich
  • Arthur Hamaoka
  • Richard Moser
  • Larry Kisney
  • Barbara Glass
  • Lee Kirsch
  • Carole Woods
  • Edmund Ashir

Physical Education:

  • Bruce Blevins
  • Elizabeth Hale


1967 Class Officers

  • Randy Parker, President
  • Jenny Balding, Vice President
  • Jeanne Katayama, Secretary-Treasurer

Coach Blevins

  • Buddy Franklin
  • Randy Hippinsteil
  • Steve Trout
  • Danny Yokely
  • Rick Tavares
  • Charles Dalton
  • Bob McKizzie
  • Stan Frazier

Varsity Football

Coach Blevins

  • Captain Mike Rinard
  • Captain Mike Dailey
  • Captain Randy Parker
  • Captain Steve Pine


JHS Wrestling

Coach Maher

  • Brian Garrett
  • David Anderson
  • Jim Schmidt
  • Leo Crabtree
  • George Champ
  • Charles Sammons
  • Phil Sacco
  • Ron Kashiwagi
  • Joe Daniels
  • Bernie Sotola
  • Mike Tornow

JHS Tennis Team

Coach Gene Roberts

  • Skip Echert
  • Tom Stevens
  • Rick Ensdorf
  • Jim Echert
  • Tom Rodby

JHS Cheerleaders

  • Shirley Tomita
  • Tracey Romine
  • Bobbee Santee
  • Denise Brissey
  • Suzanne Douglas
  • Natalie Morgan
  • Dawn Carroll

1967 Songs

| To Sir With Love - Lulu | Happy Together - The Turtles | Light My Fire - The Doors | Windy - Association | Somethin' Stupid - Nancy & Frank Sinatra | Groovin' - Young Rascals | The Letter - Boxtops | Ode to Billie Joe - Bobby Gentry | I'm a Believer - Monkees | Respect - Aretha Franklin | I Was Made to Love Her - Stevie Wonder | For What It's Worth - Buffalo Springfield | Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison | Expressway To Your Heart - Soul Survivors | On a Carousel, Hollies - Hollies | The Rain, The Park & Other Things - The Cowsills | All You Need Is Love - Beatles | Ruby Tuesday - Rolling Stones | Silence Is Golden - Tremeloes | Never My Love - Association | The Happening - Supremes | Let's Live For Today - The Grass Roots | Love is Here and Now You're Gone - Supremes | Soul Man - Sam & Dave | Sunday Will Never Be The Same - Spanky and Our Gang.