Website Policies

Privacy Policy and Assessment

Your act of registering on this website is your agreement with the policies on this page.

Our website and its administrators shall not share any personal information or browsing behavior, individual or in aggregate, with any entity, except as required by law.

Google Analytics is tracking here. This is a feature from our webhost that cannot be disabled. Personal information is not disclosed, but someone is watching our collective behavior. You can proactively block trackers with a web browser add-on; we and the Wall Street Journal recommend the freeware 'do not track plus' (2012-02).

This website's core content, by construction, cannot leak your private information. Our webhost asserts that email addresses, street addresses and phone numbers cannot be hijacked; its privacy policy is here. Administrative content shall not disclose personal information nor link to dangerous websites. Parts of our website, such as the 'Meeting Place' and individual classmate profile pages, are private and available only to our classmates, not the world.

Classmates are able to create links to external URL's in 'Meeting Place' and 'Announcements'; external links can introduce vulnerabilities to phishing and other hacker shenanigans. Classmates who introduce vulnerabilities, as judged by a majority of the site administrators, are subject to permanent banishment from our website. Classmates who introduce solicitation, promotion or advertising for external websites are also subject to banishment.  'Announcements' are approved by a site administrator before they are posted; however, 'Meeting Place' is not actively protected from mischief, and dangerous links may exist until site administrators become aware of them. Classmates follow links in 'Meeting Place' at their own risk - you are responsible for your own safety there.

Trust in something or someone means that if that something or someone does not behave as expected, then the entire system is susceptable. The foundation of our website trust is:

  • Our webhosts have protected their servers from mischief, both internal and external
  • Administrators can sufficently verify classmate subscription requests
  • Administrators hold confidential all information that is provided by classmates
  • The 'Classmate Profiles' page is open to the world; therefore, the world can learn that a classmate is associated with the IHS class of 1972; an administrator shall approve a classmate subscription before a classmate is permitted to access the private parts of our website; individual classmate profile pages are private to our classmates that have logged in
  • Classmates do not create dangerous links, and if they do, consuming classmates use caution and do not follow links with which they are unfamiliar

Etiquette Policy

One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself. Personal misconduct on this website, as judged with a simple majority poll of two (2) classmates minimium, can result in permanent banishment of the offending classmate or classmates.

Your Privacy Best Practices

The Internet expanded too quickly for privacy protection and security to be part of its foundation. Our webhost and administrators have included protection in construction of this site, but you classmate also have a responsibility to protect your own privacy.

  1. Classmates should not disclose contact information (email address, street address, or phone number) in the 'Meeting Place' and 'Announcements'.
  2. Classmates follow external links only if they are familiar with the linked websites.
  3. In 'Edit Contact Info', classmates should provide the following informaton for minimum privacy exposure and good website experience:
    1. 'email address', which is only available to site administrators, not classmates nor the world
    2. 'street address', 'city', 'state' and 'zip code', 'street address' and 'zip code' are only visible to administrators; 'city' and 'state'  is available to classmates, but not the world
    3. provide 'birthday' as a personal choice; if you do supply your birthday, it will be announced on the home page
    4. do not provide 'phone number'; only administrators can view these two fields, but you may not want to share it
  4. In 'Edit Profile', choose access permissions to your personal information conservatively:

Conservative Privacy Policy

  1. Also in 'Edit Profile', fill in only those fields you want to share with your classmates
  2. Use 'Message Center' to privately exchange personal information with another classmate; administrators have not visibility into these activities

By adhereing to this guidance, you will have only exposed your name, an association with the IHS class of '72 and your address. This information is public on the Internet already so you have lost little privacy. Your contributions to the class of '72 website ('Meeting Place'  and classmate profile pages) are shielded from the world.

Website Log

Our website is sometimes reorganized and pages are moved to allow more classmate participation or to improve the website information architecture. We correct our mistakes and incorporate suggestions from our website users. When changes are deemed significant, we record them here.

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2012-06-06 40th Reunion Store 40th Reunion Store

- reunion tickets are for sale

- reunion itinerary posted

- reunion party details

2012-03-22 MP3 Player memorabilia duplicate
2012-03-22 Top Songs of 1972 Meeting Place | memories enable commenting