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04/22/19 08:29 PM #194    

Shelley Andriesse (Anckner)

I only remember 4 people and about 15 names.  How isolated was I our senior year?  Does anyone remember me at all?  I hung out with Cokey (Cora) Shields, and was in the Drama club.  We performed Arsenic and Old Lace.

04/24/19 12:28 PM #195    

Elizabeth Aka Shannon West Breedlove

I so know the feeling. By senior year I was hiding out in Mr. Cook's office reading the first burst of 2nd Wave feminist writings and other progressive political stuff and spending a lot of time at the Record Bar on Forsyth street or outdoor concerts and the legendary houses on Riverside Ave. being the "teenybopper fringe" of the crowd that surrounded the Second Coming/31st of February/Hour Glass - bands that were the beginnings of the Allman Bros. I had already been accepted to FSU and I was going there on weekends to sing at coffeehouses so my heart and head were mostly in Tallahasse by then. But..that's why I'm hesitant to go to the would be like old times - that little fear you get walking into the cafeteria and having to worry about finding a place to sit. (formerly Elizabeth Breedlove -- it it don't fit, change it :)  )

04/25/19 11:01 AM #196    

Patrick Andrew [Pat] Carey

Shannon - don't worry, I will save a seat at our table for you! Patrick

04/26/19 02:31 PM #197    


Margaret Akra (Bulin)


So happy to see you signed up for our 50th!

I remember well your love for music and now look forward to rocking out with you !

Stay well ‘til then. 😁

Margaret Akra Bulin


05/18/19 11:24 AM #198    


Edward Jennings [Ed] White

Come on, everybody! Let's get signed up for our 50th on June 8th. We're counting heads and ordering food so we need to know who's coming. Need to register by May 27th. Can't wait to see you all!  :-)

05/20/19 11:03 PM #199    

Elizabeth Aka Shannon West Breedlove

Or we could Jazz out...the funny thing is we specifically put together a music mix that is not as boomer-centric as the traditional SJ format. That and I'm a hardcore 'Nole 

05/21/19 11:53 AM #200    

Zondra Louise Tyre

Hi to

"Seniors Fine in '69" crew.

I'm sorry I won't be in Jacksonville for the Big #50 Reunion.

Please tell folks I say Hi... and I'll be praying great Blessings

and lots of Fun on all of you as you gather.

I live in Central Asia now.  (I'm listed as living in Ethiopia, and I was living

in rural Ethiopia for 7 years.)  I'm just finishing up my first year here in

my new home.

Fun and Blessings to All,


06/11/19 10:53 AM #201    

Howard Lounsberry Marsh

Thank you Maggie, Ed, Chris, and the entire PLANNING COMMITTEE for a fantastic 50 year reunion! It was a great weekend catching up with old friends, some I had not seen in 50 years!  The funny part was that some of the conversations were like we just left school last week!                                                                                     The tour of the school was a most pleasant surprise. Seeing the inside after 50 years was an awesome and gratifying surprise. Principal Begley has done a tremendous job making it look like a school the new Wolf Pack alumni will be proud of.                                                                                                                                             Saturday night was the best!  Again, thank you PLANNING COMMITTEE for this fantastic 50 year class reunion you put together.    




06/11/19 01:41 PM #202    


Deborah Jeanne [Debbie] Bernhardt (Connelly)

What a wonderful job the reunion committee did! This was my first reunion I attended and I almost didn't come.  I lost my husband very unexpectedly 3 1/2 weeks before the event.  I'm glad I came...shared alot of happy memories with long lost friends (along with some tears). I'm thankful for God, family and friends. Please pray for me as I try to find my "new normal" in life.  Again, thanks everyone for a memorable weekend.



06/11/19 03:21 PM #203    


Edward Jennings [Ed] White

Thanks, Howard and Debbie, but you know... it's really the people who come that make a reunion great and this one really was that. So, thank you both for coming and helping make it great. What a fun time! And what a time for reflection as well. Debbie, I know you'll be sad and lonely at times but judging from the spirit I saw in you this weekend your new normal will be a good one. :-)

06/11/19 03:35 PM #204    


Allison Marks Newman (Cuba)

Thanks to everyone on the reunion committee for planning a successful event.  This was my first reunion,  it was well organized and lots of fun!  We were teenagers when many of last saw each other and now we are senior citizens. LOL!   Allison Newman Cuba

06/11/19 04:41 PM #205    


Sidney Milton Leheup

Was a great time, thanks to the planning board, and especially Margret. Was good seeing so many friends. Hope we're all around for a 60th reunion.

06/12/19 06:24 AM #206    


Curtis Frederick Adams

Wow is all i can say, what a great job yall did putting this big  event together and I had a great  time, I'm  am having trouble staying up these days, because even though retired  still get up at 415 am lol some habits hard to breaklol Thanks  again for all your hard  work & dedication. I saw some people  I haven't seen  since graduation and renewed some  also,  Thanks  again

06/12/19 10:27 AM #207    


Christopher Warren [Chris] Parker

Debbie: So sorry for your loss. I know my friends have made all the difference in my life when faced with life's passages. I am glad you found some comfort at the reunion among old friends.  Please stay in touch and let us all know how you are doing.

06/12/19 12:02 PM #208    

Elizabeth Aka Shannon West Breedlove

Yes the committee did a brilliant job. Food, decorations, presentations, everything. Thank you all for your hard work but fun work I hope since you created such a fun event. One thing that really stood out to me is how different we are from the way media portrays people in our age group. This was a crowd of attractive, interesting people who are fully engaged in life. We get all these images of olders as the 3 Fs - frumpy, feeble, and fearful - staring into the sunset and we are not that at all! And Debbie, condolences on your loss. That has to be so difficult and I'm so glad you came to the party anyway. And BTW those of you with grey hair, white hair, and less hair. Lookin' good, some even better than back in the day.

06/12/19 02:55 PM #209    

Richard [Dick] Cheatwood

I can't add anymore to all of the comments posted regarding last weekend...well, just a few things                        Wonderful time catching up with old friends who I only see at reunions, and others                                               who live in this area that I see a few times a year                                                                                                     Our class of 1969 really is SPECIAL !!!!!                                                                                                                   My two kids graduated from Wolfson and even if their classes had organized reunions neither one                       would have any interest in attending                                                                                                                         Thanks to all of the committee and all the hard work putting on such a special weekend entailed                   


06/13/19 07:16 AM #210    


Kathie Bozard (Barker)



I wanted to thank our Reunion Committee for all of their hard work in making our 50th reunion the best one yet. I had the best time reconnecting with everyone. 😉



06/13/19 10:22 AM #211    

Bruce Barringer

I also would like to thank everyone who was involved in the planning and execution of this fine event.  I had a wonderful time and it was great catching up with old friends that I had not seen in a long time.  Thanks again!

06/15/19 11:54 AM #212    

Ralph Haskell Anderson

Sorry I was unable to make the reunion last weekend. Looks like a good time was had by all. Outstanding job by the planning committee.


07/02/19 10:53 PM #213    


Chris Pratt (Whitaker)

A great big THANK YOU to all the reunion committee and everyone who made the effort to come to the 50th reunion celebration. I hated missing Friday night. Saturday went by way too fast to say hello to everyone who was there. I hope you got to see your friends and the ones you have missed the most. Shirley reminded me that DuPont and Landon schools both came to Wolfson for 10,11, 12th grades (3 years).  In 1969, the students from Douglas Anderson also joined us. So, we had a lot of kids (Shirley said 581). Now that is a large senior class especially for the times. It was almost impossible with the quick change of classes to meet and get to know everyone. Aside from a class together or a shared club experience it was pretty much your neighbors, church family you saw the most. Most of us had curfews, limited phone use and bed times. Social media was our lunchtime. I am actually thankful for that and no technology, smart phones. I would have liked to have the music instead of just AM WAPE. It was unthinkable to have music on demand in a hand held device? Sounds like one of our weekly readers discussing things in the future. As for the 50th reunion, it was wonderful time. Except for the summer heat wave, I would say it was perfect! Thank you to the planners and committee members. Thank you for the brillant scholarship campaign and huge success $10k! Thank you for the pictures, the memories and most of all to everyone who came. I thought our class looked amazing. Most of us are 68 and looked great. I mean it. It has brought back so many memories of not just high school but growing up in that time period and in Jax. I think what they have done in the downtown area is fantastic. There have been so many changes but south Jax has stayed much the same. I miss seeing the majestic oak trees and azaleas. I could see the blue Main St bridge from my hotel window so pretty all lit up at night. The beautiful and big St Johns river timelessly flowing by.  I wished for just a moment I could walk back into the old Gator bowl or drive my car down to acess 5 just one more time. Lakewood Presbyterian and other churches were still there (and some very big now). I was happy to see Lakewood Plaza thriving and a Starbucks. It was fun running into you there Mary Jo Linnville. I drove past the three houses I lived in, seeing many of my friend's houses too. It made me miss them and their parents who we also knew and loved. I only lived in Jax for 14 years coming from Charleston SC and then moving to Tallahassee, Clearwater, Tampa and Bradenton areas. Many of you stayed and raised your families and enjoyed a continuation of our friendships even 50 years later.  For everyone who could not make it to the 50th,  just know you were very missed and thought of with love. Enjoy the great pictures (photo credits to Shirley and Joanne)  and maybe we will see you at another gathering soon. May God bless you and keep you until then sweet friends. 2019 "seniors" are still fine as in '69.

07/03/19 10:27 AM #214    

Nancy Elizabeth Brannon (Brant)

Great reflections Chris. I’m so glad you came. I didn’t run into you until the end of the night on Saturday. Wish we’d had more time to talk and catch up but I’m thankful we had some time together. You always had the most beautiful smile and I have great memories of watching you cheer. 🤗 We were blessed with a great class and many wonderful memories. It was a great reunion and I hope to see you again someday soon. Blessings, Nancy Brant

07/03/19 02:49 PM #215    


Chris Pratt (Whitaker)

Thanks Nancy. You certainly had a rewarding job at FBC. Imagine the impact you have had on so many young lives. Very few people are lucky to do something they love like that. I think it is so great that you, an only child, have so many grands! That is an extra blessing. I bet the one little boy is a prince among princesses. Enjoy chasing those grandbabies and making memories. I always think of you smiling and saying hello to everyone. I remember spending a night at your lovely home I think in junior high school. Thanks again for all your reunion committee help. God bless.

06/10/20 09:42 PM #216    

Gregory S. [Greg] Poirier

The 50th reunion was awesome
We all know who worked so hard on our behalf. But Margaret, Shirly and Ed are people that immediately come to mind
It also gave Danny and I a time to reconnect. And Chris was awesome addressing the group (as we knew he would be). It was an exceptional venue for us all to reconnect and I believe all of us realize what a marvellous group of individuals we were blessed to to be part of. And on a lighter note I cherish the pic I have with Nancy and Jean at the reunion and the other pic with Danny. I may have been a little different because I was a surf rat, but I admired all the same people you did. (Including Ed White)


09/16/20 04:21 PM #217    


Jerry Alden Howalt


What a surprise to check the mail today and find a birthday card from Shirley Atkins (Hartman). Truly a heartfelt thanks for my 69th. Seniors Fine in 69!

Jerry Howalt

09/17/20 01:49 PM #218    


Chris Pratt (Whitaker)

Shirley is so good about thinking of and remembering others. I appreciate all her hard work on the 1969 Wolfson website too. Happy Birthday to all the 69 club. I just joined in July smiley

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