In Memory

Billy Silverman

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03/30/19 10:04 AM #1    

Richard Oberdorfer

My memories of Billy are easy to sum up:  What a wonderfully upbeat guy!  I especially remember his performance in the talent show.

03/31/19 12:49 PM #2    

Terry Rains (Bellamy)


My memories of Billy Silverman are all good.  A very fun, upbeat guy.  Also remember his Dad and the Dancewear store they owned.  

Terry Rains Bellamy


03/31/19 06:08 PM #3    

Charles Young

See the 6th grade photograph under my Profile - Billy is in the front of the room on the right hand side of the teacher.

March 31, 2019

I was out walking around at the Cemetery today.

Riverside Memorial is off of Normandy Boulevard and I-295.  It is an hour away from my home even when using the expressway.  Nowhere near Mandarin.

I was checking out the family plot in the old Jewish Section which has grave stones dating back to 1880.  It is filled with former progressives, socialists, Bolsheviks, communists, atheists, veterans, never marrieds, and people generally not associated with a particular synagogue or house of worship.

When my son married and moved away, my wife and I decided to buy two spaces in the family plot where my mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, aunts and uncles are buried all together.  My grandfather was first to go.  He left Poland before World War II to avoid being conscripted into the Army.

Here he is now sleeping with his fraternal brothers from the Workmen’s Circle.

The family grave stones are lined standing straight and tall.

I noticed new turf had been laid not more than fifteen feet from where my plot will be.

It was Billy Silverman.

All by himself.

Perhaps there are some of his family members who will be joining him in the future.  I hope so.

My wife is there now.  Nearby and close.

Billy came to her for adoption advice.  He wanted to adopt a child from Guatemala.  She knew how to do it before it was legal.  She would oversee the home study process. 

Billy became a wonderful father and grandfather.

I bet he found her a ruffled dress and they are dancing the full length of heaven.  The dance lessons are going to take me a little longer.

04/01/19 03:57 PM #4    

Carol Perpall (Fortino)



Thank you for sharing such a beautifullly worded tribute to a wonderful classmate. Billy was always making everyone laugh and since I actually became a high school English teacher for several years, I  have an even greater appreciation for such a cheerful soul in a classroom when so many often claim boredom . Thanks also for sharing that he adopted a child....fortunate child indeed! I do believe laughter and dancing is an essential part of heaven and Billy would be a great addition to that.  





04/02/19 01:21 PM #5    

Natalie Zadoff (Pepper)

Charles, you gave a beautiful commentary on Billy.  All of us who grew up with Billy, agree that he was a special person--full of fun, always caring, and a good friend.  Billy will truely be missed by his family, friends from childhood, and  from the present. Rest in peace, Billy.     

Natalie Zadoff Pepper



04/13/19 11:14 AM #6    

Rita Thomas (Williams)

Such fun memories of our Billy...He took me thru my dance dreams all the way thru my interior design career. He had so many talents and best friend skills ever. His memories will always make me smile🤗



05/26/19 05:03 PM #7    

Carole Fishler (Slonin)

When some people come into your life, you feel they will stay forever. So it was with Billy. Billy always shared part of himself with everyone...especially on the dance floor. In his later years, he was a devoted partner, dad, and grandpa. At this point, Billy must not be quite at rest but up dancing....Dance on, dear friend...

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