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Alfred Horak

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02/16/16 11:11 PM #1    

Mike Shapiro

Sonny was a terrific guy and a great athlete.  I have thought of him often over the years.  RIP, Sonny!

Mike Shapiro

02/17/16 03:15 PM #2    

Daniel Bullock

I was much surprised and saddened when I read of the passing of Al (Sonny).  He and I first met in our early teens. As time went by we became the closest of friends attending Bingham and Southwest together.  After Southwest Sonny attended Finley Engineering College and I UMKC. At the time, neither he nor I were really ready for college. I decided to enlist in the Navy and Sonny eventually enlisted in the Air Force. We occasionally corresponded by letter. He was going to be my best man at my wedding after my return from Vietnam but he was not able to get leave at that time. After that we lost touch with one another. Years later, I heard he had left the Air Force and was working in computors for AMF in Charlotte, NC. However, much to my disappointment, I was unable to track him down. I remember him being able to do calculus in his head. God also blessed him with a beautiful tenor voice.  I will always remember Sonny as being my loyal Friend.

07/13/16 06:18 PM #3    

Beverly Price (Bennett)

Sonny was my first boyfriend, in second grade at Hartman Elementary. Never have I had a smarter or more handsome boyfriend! We used to chase each other on the playground, it was pretty serious stuff. Unfortunately we were both very fast runners and neither one of us could be caught :) We were in really good shape though.

He was a wonderful boy and sounds like he became a wonderful young man. I am so glad. He was a special person to me.

Beverly Price









07/15/16 06:22 AM #4    

Carol Perry Davis

I remember Mrs. Coover, 8th grade Common Learnings Teacher at Bingham, saying he was too old to be called Sonny. He had to tell her his "real" name. She said you'll be called Al from now on. She was an "interesting" teacher and "Al" was very gracious. He was such a nice guy. His parents were friends of our neighbors on Washington St so I saw him out of school on various occasions. That was fun!

07/16/16 05:20 PM #5    

David Logan

Sonny was a unique, intelligent and very funny guy.  He made Concert Choir with Mr. Manning even better.  We tried and often succeeded in cracking each other practice and in actual performances.  We eventaully learned that no matter where he was looking Carter Manning saw everything. Including the two smirking young men standing next to each other on the 3rd row.  Sonny was a really good guy and I am saddend that he has passed away so young.

Dave Logan


07/23/16 10:22 AM #6    

Scott Wilmot

Sonny was a good guy and the fastest human at Hartman. In math he always got the right answer first. From 3rd through 6th he constantly amazed everyone with his math ability. So it doesn't surprise me he could do calculus in his head.  And on the playground we were in awe of his speed.  Many times I saw him turn singles into home runs.  He'd hit a single and beat the throw to first BUT instead of running down the line and settling for single he just turned the corner and headed for second.  By the time the ball got to second he was on his way to third and by the time the ball got to third he was on his way to home. Everyone was surprised by his chutzpah and success. Everyone that is except Sonny. He had this cool confidence in his speed.

07/24/16 06:02 PM #7    

David Logan

Very well said Scott- He was a beast on the bases.  I beleive also that there must be a correlation between spped and math skill.  I was always rather slow despite my size and math never came easy to me.  Just a theory. DL

07/25/16 05:47 PM #8    

Scott Wilmot

Hey gang, remember this also. One of Sonny's eyes was two-colored., I'll bet Beverly remembers this. As a youngster I wondered if that was what made him so smart in math and so fast on the bases.  ScottyWilmot 

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