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Ronald Fred Wise

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09/15/21 08:49 AM #1    

Mike Rainen

I remember Ronny.  Kind, happy, friendly classmate.  Sorry to learn of his passing.  Too bad more information is not provided of his life history

09/15/21 12:35 PM #2    

Eileen Braeman

sorry to hear of his passing.

Need to try to keep in touch more as the years are flying by

Eileen Braeman

09/15/21 04:18 PM #3    

Bill Bauer

Ronald Fredrick Wise was born in San Luis Obispo, CA to Harold and Mary Wise.  Harold Wise retired a full bird Colonel in the USAF and as a military ‘brat’ Ron moved frequently in the US and abroad.  I met Ron at Border Star in fourth grade where we almost immediately got into a fist fight in the boy's room downstaires next to the cafeteria.  And again when he and his mom returned to KC after his parents’ divorce.  Ron, Bill Becker, and I ran together in High School achieving a great deal of mischief and fast times.  When our inevitable bumps in the road came along, both Becker’s and my mom took turns blaming Ron - it was great having your own personal fall guy.  He was tough and determined and perfectly capable of carrying the load.  He was also a little quirky…. Well more than a little.  But that was part of the charm.  As a child when returning from Europe aboard ship, they passed out harnesses and a leash to moms to keep their children from falling overboard.  Ron told of his mom keeping that rig for several years after they docked to keep up with him in crowds - which drew more than a little attention.  He kept that hot unguided missile energy up through college at Central Missouri and through a career in logistics.  He ended up retiring as a container freight consolidator in Long Beach, CA.  He finally just wore that body out and died a little too early about a year ago.  He is survived by his wife, Linda, and two step sons.  


09/15/21 04:29 PM #4    

John Wilkinson

 Ron lived about half a block east of us on 66th Street between Linden Rd and Main so we  "hung out" for a bit in 6th or 7th grade but I think he must have moved before 8th grade or I think we would have crossed paths on our way.  I can't  remember what we did exactly but I vaguely remember him being more daring than I was for activities. 

09/16/21 09:44 AM #5    

Steve Weneck

Sorry to hear that Ron Wise had passed away - too many classmates passing too fast.  I didn't know Ron all that well but got a pretty good perspective from Bill Bauer's own accounting of his relationship with Ron.   Thanks Bill!!



09/17/21 03:41 PM #6    

Bill Cater

I heard of Ron's passing about September 2020. Ron and I were good friends. Bill Bauer's comments are on spot.

Ron lived about a block and a half from my home at 6642 Main St.  Throughout high school we played football together. My mom treated Ron like a 3rd son with my brother John and me. He ate a lot of meals with us. Ron's home life was less than ideal, so he wasn't attached to his home. My mom gave him lots of love. He had lots of adventures in high school-some I participated in and most I got to hear the stories. He once rode the rails to California. One or two weeks later he returned to KC and I heard stories of hobos and just surviving. I think Ron was like Huck Finn and I fit more  the Tom Sawyer character. There were fun times with Bill Bauer and Bill Becker. It's a miracle we survived some of the stupid things we did. We had "shoot your eye out Ralphie" moments with BB gun fights in Ron's bedroom. No eyesight lost, but Ron's glasses got broken. Another episode of the adventures of Ron was when he ran away from home before our sophomore year at Southwest to avoid going to summer school. He was supposed to go with my dad who was teaching the math class and my brother who also was going to summer school. Each morning after my dad and brother left the driveway, I would hear Ron going through the back bushes, call out to see if the coast was clear and then come up to my room to tell me of the nightly adventures. This went on for a week-then he conformed and went to the required class. 

Ron was a loyal friend. He was tough, strong and dependable to those he cared about. He stayed in touch with my brother John.

The last time I saw Ron was in Booneville, MO at my nephew's pre-wedding cookout about 8 or 10 years ago. His wife died unexpectedly shortly after that time. I have been told Ron was well respected in his industry. I am grateful for the time we spent growing up together, sharing those formative high school years and having so many good times and fond memories. Rest in peace my good friend.

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