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* Mike went to school at Davis High his sophomore year

St. George - Mike was the child of David Morgan and Janet Pomeroy, born on April 18, 1973. Janet lived very large and dramatically. It was from her and her family, the Pomeroy's and the Bushell's, that Mike got the "going big" notion. Mike Morgan was a big presence in this life. He was big physically and he lived life large. He reluctantly left us on August 22, 2021 in St. George, Utah, a victim of the COVID plague that is upon us in these trying times.

Above all, Mike had the biggest love for his kids Cade, Kira, and Crue. He would, with little prompting, tell you all about how mature and together Cade is, and about what a fabulous singer his little princess Kira is, and what a fine boy Crue is. Mike was immensely proud of those three and spoke often about their activities and talents.

Mike had a big work ethic, he was always enthusiastic about attacking a job and doing it well. He learned this from his Grandma and Grandpa Pomeroy. That's also where Mike got his love of jokes and fun good times with family and friends. These are traditions that Mike adopted and practiced his whole life. He loved big jokes and had the biggest laugh around. He loved hearing them and he loved telling them - especially if they were big and worthy of large laughs.

Mike started and owned High Desert Drywall in St. George. He often spoke, with pride, of what great artisans his employees were. Mike was also successful in accumulating rental properties (an affliction he got from his grandfather, Charlie Pomeroy, who Mike idolized). Mike was success driven and achieved much in his time on earth. His secret of success was that he loved his work, whatever it was at the moment, and he approached most everything in life with gusto.

Mike is survived by many friends and relatives and his parents, three siblings: Camille, Nicole, and Brody, and his three children: Cade, Kira, and Crue, and his very good friend and loving partner Michelle Johnson who was with Mike through thick and thin, right up to the end.

To friends and family: You can shed tears that he is gone or you can smile because he lived. You can feel empty or you can do what he'd want…smile, love, laugh and go on.

Posted online on September 07, 2021

Published in The Spectrum

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