Sept. 5, 2021

2023 will be here before you know it.  We're hoping to notify as many of our classmates about this site to enable them to reconnect with their school family, and of course to be aware of the plans for a 50th reunion to be held at an as yet unknown date in  2023.  

Once again, seeking assistance in getting contact info for our 'missing classmates'.  The names shown are classmates who aren't yet part of our alumni site.  (some of the names shown are folks who are on our class Facebook group page, but haven't created a profile on this site.  If you're one of those - howsabout joining the site. wink

Contact  the ones you know and share our www.efhs1973.com site, and/or send me  their contact info (phone, email and/or home address)




**If anyone would like to call me, I don't answer calls from #s not in my contacts.  It's best to text before calling.  Be sure to add your name to the end of the text.  (I get frequent text messages from #s not in my contact with the message not including who the sender is) cheeky
336 655 7186


Rosalyn Albright (Woodard)
John Anderson
William Henri Andrews
Deborah Austin
Mitzy Autry
Kimberly Aycoth
Denise Bailey
Danny Baker
Steve Ball
Grady Barber
Frankie Beam
Catherine Benson
Sylvia Birch
Barney Black
Ronnie Blackwell
Tonnie Blackwell
Kaye Bonner
Katherine Bowling
Sheila Bowman
Michael Branch
Theresa Brendle
Libby Brim
Carol Brooker (Garner)
Evelyn Brooks
Janice Bryant
Pamela Buff
William Bullard
Pamela Butner
Johnsie Byrd
Alan Caesar
Harlandis Caldwell
Wayne Carswell
Delores Carter
Deborah Casstevens
Sharon Chaney (Hall)
Mark Chapman
Fred Chavis
Avery Clowney
Barbara Coe (Halnan)
Betty Coe
Gail Cooper
Brenda Covington
Reba Creason (Canter)
Vanessa Crews
Mike Cude
Deborah Davis
Ken Davis
Patricia Lynn Davis
Debbie Dearman
Kevin DuBose
Carolyn Eaton
Kathleen Edwards
Willie Edwards
Phyllis Elliott (Long)
Mike Embler
James Evans
Jerry Everidge
Leland Fluitt
Lee Ann Fogleman (Edwards)
Ronda Folds (Beck)
Randy Freeman
Cheryl Fulton
Cora Fulton
Karen Gallimore
Kathy Gardner
Robin Garnel
Karen Georges
Timothy Gibson
Frank Gilley
Pamela Gordon
Nathaniel Green
Terry Green
Derrial Greene
Lawrence Gregory
Maurice Grier
Albert Griffin
Jerome Griffin
Debbie Grubbs
Darrell Gwyn
Sandra Gwyn
Debra Hagins
Deborah Hairston
Tony Hall
Ricky Handy
Loretta Harding
Linda Harrell
Ralph Harrell
Charles Harrison
Don Hart
Rickey Hartness
Veronica Hash
Michael Hastings
Gerald Hayden
Charles Hayes
Cindy Hedgecock
Pam Hedgecock
Speedy Hedgecock
Sandra Higgins
Alice Hill
Freddie Hill
Lennet Hill
Sharon Holland
Patricia Holtzclaw (Hundley)
Skip Honaker
William Anthony Honeycutt
Cynthia Hoover
Lattie Hopkins
David Horton
Jan Hotham
Allen Hull
Michael Hutchings
Sharon Hynes
Fredrick Ingram
Michael Ingram
Jerry Isom
Regina Jackson
Lydia Jessup
Crystal Johnson
Gerald Johnson
Markus Johnson
Pc Johnson
Perlicer Johnson
Thomas Johnson
Kenneth Jones
Leslie Dale Jones
Rose Annetta Jones
Lou Ann Jordan
James Kenerson
Sadie Kerns
Daniel Lackore
Cindy Lain (Helms)
Mark Laster
Monte Lawson
Pamela Carol Lawson
Miriam Ledbetter
Terry Ledford
Greta Lee
Beverly Lemons
Donna Lynn Lemons (Summers)
Maurice Lewis
Cynthia Linton
Diana Lipscomb
Wendell Ross Loflin
Charles Bruce Long
Miles Lowe
Clayton Lowery
Dean Mabe
Patricia Mabry
Ruth Mack
Donnie Mackie
Dwight Malloy
Marty Mansfield
Wanda Martin
Tanya Mason
Wanda Matlock
Karen McCloud
Stephen McCloud (Teacher)
Joyce McClure
Patricia McCoy
Audrey McDonald (Mankins)
Norvell McDowell
Terry Messick
Andy Miller
Sharon Mitchell
Shirley Mitchell (Teacher)
Sylvia Monroe
Ronnie Moore
Toby Morgan
Randall Myers
Clyde Neal
Janet Oldham (Guthrie)
Herbert Oliver
Debbie Osborne (Motsinger)
Beverly Owens (Rathbone)
Charles Parkes
Shirley Patrick
Allene Patterson
Mary Ann Pearman
William Penn
Debra Pooree
Debbie Potts
Ivey Prescott
Kevin Prescott
Carolyn Preston (Dodson)
Sonja Price
Bobby Proctor
Marjorie Purvis
David Raynor
Donald Register
William Reich
Ellis Thomas Reid
Jack Timothy Renegar
David Rhinehart
Cindy Rhodes (Marshall)
Bruce Richardson
Beverly Riddle
Lonnie Riley
Leslie Ring
Guy Roberts
Glenda Rosenquist (Chang)
Deborah Ross
Wanda Russell
Robert Sapp
Olamae Saunders
Cheryl Schaffhauser
Mike Scott
Jocelyn Sharpe
Mary Lois Shell
Cathy Shelton
Mark Sheppard
Ron Shields
Debra Shore
Walter Simington, Jr.
Sallie Simpson (Hepler)
Kathleen Skeen
Cynthia Smart
James Smart
Bucky Smith
Deborah Smith
Denny Smith
Elester Smith
Norvell Smith
Patricia Diane Smith
Robin Smith (Carpenter)
Frederick Ricardo Smoot
Reginald Smoot
Nancy Snipes
Timothy Snow
Clifford Spriggs
Patty Spriggs
Kathy Sprinkle
Wanda Steelman
Randy Stephens
Jacqueline Stevens
Arlene Stewart
Pam Stewart
Aaron Swaim
Tehren Swaim
Micheal Taylor
Pam Taylor (Morphis)
Robert Taylor
John Thomas
David Throckmorton
John Timberlake
Lois Tompkins
Jeff Troutman
Lenoir Davis Tucker
Bonnie Tuttle
Darrell Tuttle
Gary Tuttle
Mike Tuttle
Tanya Tuttle
Richard Vaughn
David Wagner
Michael Wagner
Walter Waiters
Katherine Walker (Bowling)
Robert Walters
Patricia Ward
Rick Warden
Albert Wardlow
Sonja Ware (Berrier)
Debbie Warner
James Washington
Robert Watson
George Weaver
Debbie Webb
Ralph Webb
William Webb
Susan Webster
Constance Wellman
Sabrina West
Linda Westmoreland
Michael Wharry
Debbie Whicker
Mike Whicker
Jeanie Widener
Bill Williams
Robin Williard
Jacalyn Wilson
Sherry Wilson (Goodman)
Patricia Witherspoon
Betty Woodruff
Carl Dean Worley
Dexter Wright
Vicky Wright (Cain)
Geraldine Yancey
Brenda Yates
Larry Yontz
Michellyne Young
Randal Ziglar

Guest Members

Jerry Amos
Jim Apple (Class Of 1971)
Cindy Barrow (McGee Class Of '74)
Steve Beshears (Class Of '72)
Bennie Blalock
David Bodenhamer (Class Of '72)
Donna Brown (Bodsford)
Mike Chambers (Class Of '72)
Randy Collins (Class Of '74)
Gary Cook (Class Of '72)
Beverly Crotts (Roberson)
Joey Daniels (Class Of '72)
Jim Fulp (Class Of '72)
Sharon Gilchrist (Turner)
Mary (Mrs Amos Aka Butch) Griffin
Phil Harrison (Class Of '71)
Mike James (Class Of '74)
Mike Joyce (Class Of '72)
Steve Joyce (Class Of '72)
Ann Lawson
Lynn Linville
Ric Marshall
Judy McGee
Mike O'Briant
Debbie Parrish (Sieg Class Of '71)
Michael Pettigrew
Debbie Preston (Bowman)
Glenn Pyrtle (Class Of '72)
Henry Reich
David Keith Smith (Class Of '72)
Debbie Snider (Boone)
Brian Vanhoy (Class Of '77)
Brent Weavil (Class Of '72)
Tim White
Robyn Wootten (Furr)