50th Reunion Recap


 Friday Sept. 16:       Welcome reception at the Libertyville Civic Center, 5:00 to 8:30.

                                    Church St. at Brainerd, the old post office

                            About 90 attended

                                  Football game: LHS vs. Mundelein away, 7:30

                                  7 classmates attended to sit in seats saved by Tim Anderson

                                  Score:  LHS 28  MHS 7


Saturday Sept. 17: 10 am Brainerd Building Tour   Meet at the old tennis court.

                                               25 attended


                                 1 pm   Butler Building Tour, meet at front door.

                                             35 attended


                                 Reunion Dinner Alpine Country Club, Round Lake

                                                            120 attended

                  Jackie Lyall offered the following toast to go with our champagne:

                   "You know, they say that the reward for hard work is a job well done, but allow me to add that the reward for your reunion committee's efforts of the last two years is to see you all here tonight.  Again, welcome and thank you very much for coming. 

   So, why are we here?  Well, I think we're here because we share something special.  Of course we could call it luck, but it could perhaps better be compared to a spell - a magical spell that united us in those fun and friendly, painful and awkward, formative and definitive years of September, 1957 to June, 1961 - a spell that has enabled us to go many separate ways in the last 50 years and yet still have so much to share when we reunite. 

     And, yes, we were lucky, lucky to be raised in a time and place surrounded by wide cornfields and close neighbors, fresh air and clean fun, high standards and higher expectations. 

     So tonight we're here to continue to share a lot - this time in a simple glass of champagne as a larger token of how far we have come and who we've become.

     Please, join me in a toast to the magic of friendship that was created 54 years ago when we came together for the first time in the halls of the Brainerd Building, or perhaps later at the Butler Building, and a toast to help us carry that magic bond forward to the future with the hope that when the weekend is over, we can continue to celebrate our unique past.  Here's to the LFHS Class of 1961!"



Sunday Sept. 18     Brunch Grandma V's Rt 45 at 176

                               Farewell Picnic hosted by Jackie Lyall.  Noon to ?  BYO.
                               Near corner of Wincheser Road and Midlothian Road.

                               15 attended