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9 live in Arizona
2 live in Arkansas
4 live in California
4 live in Colorado
3 live in Florida
1 lives in Georgia
1 lives in Hawaii
2 live in Idaho
2 live in Indiana
2 live in Iowa
7 live in Kansas
1 lives in Michigan
2 live in Minnesota
2 live in Missouri
69 live in Nebraska
1 lives in Nevada
1 lives in New Mexico
1 lives in New York
2 live in North Carolina
1 lives in Oklahoma
1 lives in South Carolina
2 live in South Dakota
6 live in Texas
2 live in Virginia
2 live in Wisconsin
1 lives in Turkey
336 location unknown
72 are deceased


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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 28.2%

A:   133   Joined
B:   339   Not Joined

Lincoln Northeast High School
Class of 1969

Class of ’69 50th Reunion Countdown

45 weeks

1969 - What a Year(Book)

I have to admit that the plastic dust jacket on my ’69 Rocket yearbook has gotten quite a workout over the years … just keeping dust off the book … not protecting it from overuse.

The white-covered treasure had been packed away for years with its friends, the red ’67 Rocket and the black ’68 Rocket. Who knew that the Yearbook staff would be so creative with its titles over the years.

The trio of books recently saw the light of day. The red one and the black one remained closed, and I honestly can’t remember the last time I might have opened them. But the ’69 Rocket got a real workout.

Sandy and I were sitting in the office. I was probably perusing Twitter or Facebook, or reading the latest news on Husker football recruits. But Sandy was just sitting quietly across the room, for a long, long time. When I looked up from my electronic devices, I saw ’69 Rocket in her hands. My ’69 Rocket!

Her’s was on the bookshelf, where it has sat since we moved back to Lincoln four plus years ago. But mine was the source of her interest. After reading it, she commented simply that she should have read it sooner because she learned a lot from it.

I’m not sure what she learned, and I didn’t really want to ask. But later on that day I picked it up and learned a lot myself.

* I learned looking at the senior pictures that I didn’t know half as many people in our class as I thought I knew
* I learned that some of the handwritten messages from my guy friends were typically not something I would want my mother to read
* I learned that I should never change
* I learned that I had a great girl friend 
* I learned everybody wrote pretty much the same messages, but most of all,
* I learned that I’d lost touch with a lot of great people

Have you picked up your ’69 Rocket? You should. You might learn something.

I’ll bring mine to the 50th Reunion if you bring your’s and we can educate each other, or at least share the messages we wrote in each other’s books.


Welcome to the Lincoln Northeast Class of 1969 Web Site! 

We're coming up on 50 years since we were classmates at Lincoln Northeast High School and it is time for a reunion to celebrate that milestone.  This web site will help us be organized, enter and find out information about classmates and spread the word about the event.

The key to our site and reunion success is YOU!  We need you to let us know you found the site by registering and letting us know how to contact you. 

  • Select the "JOIN HERE" option then find and click on your name NOW! 
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Add more information any time convenient including photos, videos, memories, and other bits of your life you'd like to share with your classmates under the "Edit Profile" option.  Your e-mail is NOT shared with anyone, including classmates, unless you authorize it.

So, WELCOME, and do your bit by entering your contact information NOW.

Even more vital, invite classmates that you are still in contact to come to this site and register as well.

Be well, all, and we look forward to hearing from you,

LNE Class of '69 Reunion Committee