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9 live in Arizona
2 live in Arkansas
5 live in California
5 live in Colorado
4 live in Florida
1 lives in Georgia
1 lives in Hawaii
2 live in Idaho
1 lives in Illinois
2 live in Indiana
2 live in Iowa
7 live in Kansas
2 live in Louisiana
2 live in Michigan
2 live in Minnesota
5 live in Missouri
90 live in Nebraska
2 live in Nevada
1 lives in New Mexico
2 live in New York
3 live in North Carolina
1 lives in Oklahoma
1 lives in Oregon
1 lives in South Carolina
2 live in South Dakota
9 live in Texas
2 live in Virginia
2 live in Wisconsin
1 lives in Sweden
1 lives in Turkey
286 location unknown
85 are deceased


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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 37.4%

A:   173   Joined
B:   289   Not Joined

Lincoln Northeast High School
Class of 1969

Lincoln Northeast Class of '69 50th Reunion Countdown
35 Weeks

Thinking today about Valentine’s Day, Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

It seems to me that we had something called a Sweetheart Dance at Northeast to coincide with this date, or at least time of year. Is that true?

While I couldn’t find any record of it in the ’69 Rocket, that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I’m not certain because dances weren’t among my favorite activities, and I always did my best to avoid the dance floor. Many, many classmates - actually all of them - could dance circles around me and my obvious lack of rhythm which remains a problem some 50 years later.

But I did always like activities that brought my friends and classmates together. Like the 50th Class Reunion scheduled for Oct. 18-19 of this year.

A bit of an update for all of you, along with a request for any help you might be able to provide.

The Classmate Search Committee led by Pat Nielsen Prochnow has done an amazing job to date in attempting to reach everyone who was in our class. The objective is to at the very least inform them of the reunion plans.

Of our more than 530 classmates, there now are only 20 the committee has been completely unable to find a phone number, email address or street address for. That does not mean all of the information is correct, but at least there has been an attempt to reach people and encourage them to join the class reunion website.

There are also classmates that have been contacted via the best available information that the committee has, but have not responded yet to any communication.

We will continue over the next several weeks and months to try and officially make contact, and will communicate names of those classmates on our weekly communications to see if anyone has better contact information. It’s important to understand that we are not trying to force anyone to connect who may not want to for some reason. In fact, if they request removal from the email list, we will accommodate their request.

Following is a list of the 20 classmates. If any of you have information on where and how to reach our missing classmates, please contact Pat at

Connie Louise Ahrens (Roberts) – not to be confused with Connie Lynn Griffin (Roberts)
Willa Jane Cook
Norma Cordwell (Webb)
Donna Ann Dinges (Butler)
Margaret Ann Griffin
Cindy Hansen
JoAnn Harris
Carol Lynn Hildebrand (Turner)
Deborah Sue Hovey (Olsen) – was married to John Curtis Olsen 
Kathryn Lee Johnson (Kennedy)
Diana Jean Lee (Smith)
Bruce Wayne Miller
Patricia Ann Ore (Orita)
Ann-Christine Marie Perkinton
Carlan Vonita Peterson
Maris Richters
Lynda Marie Schafer
Edith Snell
Sally Jo Steenson (Olson)
Carl Frederick Sutter

Thank you all for any information that you might have on those listed above.

Chuck Sinclair

Welcome to the Lincoln Northeast Class of 1969 Web Site! 

We're coming up on 50 years since we were classmates at Lincoln Northeast High School and it is time for a reunion to celebrate that milestone.  This web site will help us be organized, enter and find out information about classmates and spread the word about the event.

The key to our site and reunion success is YOU!  We need you to let us know you found the site by registering and letting us know how to contact you. 

  • Select the "JOIN HERE" option then find and click on your name NOW! 
  • Enter your e-mail address and create a login account so we can keep in touch
  • Upload a recent "Now" photo so when we get together we can recognize one another

Add more information any time convenient including photos, videos, memories, and other bits of your life you'd like to share with your classmates under the "Edit Profile" option.  Your e-mail is NOT shared with anyone, including classmates, unless you authorize it.

So, WELCOME, and do your bit by entering your contact information NOW.

Even more vital, invite classmates that you are still in contact to come to this site and register as well.

Be well, all, and we look forward to hearing from you,

LNE Class of '69 Reunion Committee