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  1. Lompoc High School
  2. Class  of  1969
  3. 50  Year  Reunion
  4. August 31, 2019


The cutt off date has been extended until 8/24/19

Hi Everyone, Thanks to Don Woodfin and Helen More's sister I am back on common grounds, Brave as they are. In my profile, also for all to see (a recent picture will follow later) you'll find a brief summary of my student and working life since I left you in 1969. But it's insufficiënt to really give you the 'feel' of who I am today. (About the looks I'm more reserved :-). It's also a pity to hear so late about the reünion.If I had lived closer by, I would definitely attend. And to be honest (as I allways were) after 50 years I would really love to have more time than a dinner and dance to meet up with you, and at the same time get to see Lompoc and surroundings again, and Eugene, Oregon (where I studied from 1972-1974) and other parts of the East (and West) Coast. And sharing those former me's with my present love Olga. So, I'll definitely come to Lompoc and further about, perhaps next year when I turn 70 (May 20). Meanwhile I will hopefully keep in touch by mail, or at least get your address, so I know where to find you. With the greater part of you I hope I can stay in touch via this website. Cynthia More asked me to join you all on Facebook.Till now I've refused to join the world on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg's great idea has turned into a Big Brother I've allways tried to stay away from. But maybe, for you I'll make the exception. After all, this website can be hacked as well :-). For now I'll give you all a big hug and promise to be in touch again. And sorry for the red underlining (or don't you get to see this annoying 'free service of Google'?). Love you all, warm greetings from Amsterdam. Theo