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03/18/09 05:26 PM #2    


Curtis Griffith

Hello Mary Ann, and Thanks for setting this up.
Curtis Griffith

03/18/09 08:59 PM #3    


Mike Ford

Curtis who?


03/19/09 07:54 AM #4    


Curtis Griffith

Hey Mike, still see you have a memory problem.

03/23/09 09:27 AM #5    

Venita Harris (Bankster)

Hello Mary Ann, Thanks so much for setting this up.
It is great, hope alot if not all will add their
profile! Would love to see pictures and read about
everyone's lives, what they have been doing and
are doing now. I look forward to checking back in
ever so often.
Again Thanks,

09/06/09 04:21 PM #6    

Joyce Kleese (Lynch)

Thanks for the call today Mary Ann! Was great talking to you! Hope to hear from fellow classmates in the future. All of you who have set this up---thanks a million! Joyce Lynch (Kleese)

09/09/09 01:54 PM #7    

Tommie Jean Johnson (Young)

Thank you so much, Mary Ann, for your hard work. I finally got my profile on here, trying to work on my phone tree and see you soon! Love,TJ

09/20/09 02:32 PM #8    


Dianne McDaniel (Hogue)

Well, it looks like I am having a running dialogue with myself. I sure wish some others of you would comment. The reunion yesterday was beyond incredible. It is my understanding that Billie Jean Meyer put this together and she deserves to be recognized for her efforts. I would guess that there were several hundred people who came and went throughout the day. I have never enjoyed a reunion as much as I did this one. I talked to people from the class of '44 and '45, namely Coach Nixon and his wife but also a few others. I talked to people who I had worshiped from afar--upper classmen when I was in 7th and 8th grade. We had a good turnout from our class but wish we would have had more. Lois Kennemur, Judith Hardin, Curtis Griffith, Mike Ford, Roy and Joe Wasson, Ronnie Cole, Sheila Simmons, Tommy Jean Johnson, David Hickman, Joann Squires, Lillian Shepherd, Paul Lovett, Benda Morehart--sorry if I missed anyone--Ronnie, I believe, came our senior year. He has been married to Beverly Mann, from the 1960 class, for 33 years. Update: Sure enough, I left out that handsome dude, Woody Ussery. Sorry, Woody. AND I'M NOT SURE WHETHER MIKE FORD WAS THERE OR NOT. Well, I think he was in body! Dayne Hassel was there from the class of 1959, I think--if you were a fan of basketball, (the good old-fashioned kind of finesse basketball that I loved so much)--you will remember his "set shot." Oh, if there had only been a 3 point line then. On Monday, October 19, at 11:30 a group of us are going out to eat at ON THE BORDER. If you can join us and please do, drop me an email from my profile page and I will add you to the group count. We would love to have any and all. We will be celebrating Joann Squires retirement.  Let us be thankful for every healthy breath that we take. Some of our former schoolmates are facing incredible challenges. It was heartwarming to see them come on out to visit with others who shared so many of the same special memories, events and activities. We always have to move forward but it is good to take a look back every now and then. I love you all.

09/27/09 08:33 AM #9    


Woody Ussery

Hey Ms Dianne.. You left me out.. I was the one sitting beside you when the pictures were taken.. You might be getting a case of the CRS .. (Just kidding) Have a great day

10/03/09 07:39 AM #10    


Dianne McDaniel (Hogue)

So, so, sorry, Woody. I knew I would inadvertently leave someone out--I will post the picture to make it up to you! I'll try to get that pic up soon on my profile.

11/14/09 07:19 AM #11    

Mary Ann Briscoe (Campbell)

Hi, Dianne;
I was there, too.
Mary Ann

11/18/09 08:58 PM #12    


Mike Ford

Dianne, I was not there or was I ?

01/03/10 11:02 PM #13    


Dianne McDaniel (Hogue)

Okay, Mike, you are trying to mess with my already messed up brain. Maybe you weren't! Somehow, I erased the picture that I had to prove it. I'll give you something else to make fun of me about. LOL Mary Ann, oh my gosh! I am worried about myself. I think I better give up posting on here. Well, what else would you guys have to laugh about?? BTW, Mike, you just made me bust a gut laughing (do ladies really say that?)--WHY DO I THINK YOU ARE SO FUNNY?

05/11/10 12:42 PM #14    


Dianne McDaniel (Hogue)

Congratulations to Sharon and Woody on their 47th!  Wow!  Can we really be that old?!

06/14/10 11:24 PM #15    


Dianne McDaniel (Hogue)

I finally got the picture up (on my profile page) of who was and was not there for the MHS reunion last September.  And, Mary Ann sure enough, you weren't there.  Well, just kidding--I know you were but don't know where you were when this picture was taken.  Benda, I apologize for you getting cut out.  Mike you were there, well at least in bodily form!  No offense intended, well, maybe just a little bit.

08/29/10 09:38 PM #16    


Gerald Staley

Hi Mary Ann. Just got on this site a couple of days ago. Glad to be in touch with everyone. What a great site. Such a good way to find out where most of the class are and what they are up to these days. I look forward to seeing everyone at the 50th. I hope your still dancing.

03/18/11 08:29 AM #17    


Curtis Griffith

Thought you may want to know: Since we enjoyed this.

With all the sadness and trauma going on in the world at the moment, it is worth reflecting on the death of a very important person, which almost went unnoticed recently. Larry LaPrise, the man who wrote "The Hokey Pokey", died peacefully at age 93. The most traumatic part for his family was getting him into the coffin. They put his left leg in. And then the trouble started.


05/16/11 12:20 AM #18    


Dianne McDaniel (Hogue)

 Oh Curtis, that is hilarious--Thanks for giving me a laugh at 11:59p.m., May 15, 2011--

Hey dear classmates, it was so awesome to see all of you last night.  My only regret is that I didn't get to talk to each of you individually--Sharon Beakley,  JoAnn Morgan, Wassons, Leon Carter, John and Bobbie Jean, Billie Sue Kelley--oh, I am so disappointed that I did not get to talk to you one on one--

People I especially missed--Shaurean Avery, Linda Fooks, Julie Mitchell, Joyce Kleese, Diana Henson, Margaret Halley--you were missed so badly--

Working on the program and typing the deceased list really got me to thinking about those we've lost--

Did you guys know or remember that Bruce Barger was my first ever boyfriend--in 8th grade?  He gave me the most beautiful comb, brush and mirror set for Christmas that year--just feeling nostalgic and thought I would share that--

When I looked at the picture of the 10 year reunion and saw that Peggy Batson was seated next to me, it made me miss her so badly last night--and Nelda--I will always miss Nelda.

The bags were awesome .  Thanks to all who made those possible.

Tommie Jean, your c.d. is precious--maybe because I love you so much, but I had to shed a tear or two when I viewed some of the extreme happiness with your grandchildren.  Such love--!  And the verse at the end was perfect.

And Dennis, I would have put you in if I'd been Coach Ingram.

Lou Ingram called tonight to say what a wonderful time they had and how glad they were that they got to attend.

Mrs. Cook, you are still beautiful to me--inside and out.

I love all of you--you made my junior and senior high school years the best anyone could ever have.



05/16/11 11:49 AM #19    


Woody Ussery

What a FUN nite..  I believe everybody had a great time.. ( I know I did)  Thanks to al the people who did the "behind the scenes" work to make it possible..  Our class seems to have a special bond that a lot of other classes do not have... Also, it was really nice to have it at thae "old school".. that made it special..Good luck and good health to all my class mates..  Woody and Sharon

08/13/12 11:19 AM #20    


Dianne McDaniel (Hogue)

Lunch on Friday with the girls--at 11:30 --Cracker Barrel on Shackleford--August 17, 2012

07/27/15 11:40 PM #21    


Dianne McDaniel (Hogue)


Please tell Woody and Sharon that I am praying for them and keep us posted on his progress.  Thank you!

06/07/16 01:51 PM #22    

James Harrison


06/08/16 09:32 AM #23    


Dianne McDaniel (Hogue)

Thank you, James--it was great to see you--

06/08/16 04:21 PM #24    


Curtis Griffith

Thank You James, sorry it took so long to reply. Was a great time and Thank you and all of our old friends for coming.

We also had a great time, So sorry some could not make it this year.

So sorry Mary Ann could not make it, she put so much work into planning the event. She is doing good.

Our Hearts go out to all of the Thompson Family also, for their loss.

We also had others who could not make it because of illness so pray for all of these.

God Bless all of you, and look forward to seeing you again.


06/08/16 05:10 PM #25    

Benda Morehart (Shere)

Thank you, James, for your kind remarks.  It was such a pleasure working with the other committee members to make our reunion the best it could possibly be!  I was so happy that Ernest Wittenburg came all the way from Indiana to attend -- and only six weeks after his heart by-pass surgery.  



06/09/16 06:47 PM #26    


Curtis Griffith

Please remember Mary ann in your prayers as she completes her kidney stone procedure .

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