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08/21/21 08:00 AM #67    

Robert Smith

Hi Gary, I sure appreciate the work you do.  I have not received thr reunion info but would like to attend.

Please resend,

Bob Smith

08/21/21 11:50 AM #68    

Tula Challas (Rappoport)

I have not received the reunion information.  As of now I am not sure if I can attend.  Obviously I would love to see everyone.  Class of "61" was unique and best ever!!

08/21/21 12:19 PM #69    


Judy Kapke (Liston)

I agree with Tom Wilson, I think the selection committee is 60 years too late!!  But congratulations to Dick for this honor regardless of the timing!!  For those of you commenting you hadn't received your reunion packet....I don't think there is a reunion for are reading responses from the 2016 reunion.  

08/21/21 01:24 PM #70    

Mary Paulson (Kramer)

Mary KramerI have not received any notice about a reunion since our last gathering.


08/23/21 10:13 AM #71    


Suzy Erbe (Bohn)

I have not received any info about our reunion, unless it was in an email I didn't open - distinct possibility. Anyone know what date it went out?  I thought it was going to be next year.  If it's Sept '21, I wouldn't be able to attend because I'll be in Spain.  Thanks!  If it's this year, have a great time and I'll miss seeing those from the greatest class of '61!

Suzy (Erbe) Bohn

12/24/21 10:18 AM #72    

Gary Mott

Mason City School board upholds decision t retire 'Mohawk"

12/26/21 05:32 PM #73    


Gary Burhite

Hi Gary, I haven't received my 55th reunion materials yet. Should I be concerned? Still not sure if we can make it, but would like to receive the materials anyway. 👍

12/27/21 10:18 AM #74    


Judy Kapke (Liston)

About the 61st class reunion...To Mary Paulson Kramer, Suzy Bohn, Gary Burhite and others who questioned when the 61st class reunion would be in 2021....there is a separate "user forum" (4th choice down on the left menu) where this was discussed in April 2021 and the consensus was "wait until 2022, probably fall". due to Covid....hoping for a more normal lifestyle by then.

Judy Kapke Liston


12/27/21 08:45 PM #75    


James McGuire

Sorry to see politics creep into our message forum in the last few days. The Mohawk issue is not political.

12/29/21 10:40 AM #76    


Dudley Farrell

I strongly agree with Jim.  Let's keep things in perspective here.  

12/29/21 12:25 PM #77    


Dennis Webner

I agree with Jim and Dudley.  We are the class of '61,  People everywhere have differences in their beliefs.  Let's concentrate on what holds us together! 


12/30/21 09:13 AM #78    


Michael Bellomy

I go along with Jim, Skip, and Dennis.  There are all kinds of websites for political opinions.  Let's keep this one sociable.  Remember! opinions are like noses, we all have one.

12/30/21 12:41 PM #79    

McHs'61 Site Admininstrator

Political views have no place here. In the interest of harmony I have deleted recent posts to this forum from five of our classmates.



12/31/21 09:08 AM #80    


Judy Vician (Alston)

Thank you, Class Administrator.  

12/31/21 09:22 AM #81    

Tula Challas (Rappoport)

Ditto!! Bravo for deleting! Very disheartening on some of the comments.

12/31/21 12:11 PM #82    


Bryan Way (Morrow-Way)

Regarding our 60th reunion, here is the text of a letter that was emailed (or snail mailed if your email address was unknown) to us in September.


Greetings to the MCHS Class of 1961 Classmates!

We are the “Committee” working together to organize our next Class of ’61 Reunion and we need to hear from you, especially if you are interested in joining our planning committee. Currently, our planning committee members include Sue Whorley Frelund, Georgia Froning Holm, Robert C. Miller, Carolyn Mott, Gary Mott, Tom Wilson and Martha Dunbar Zuke. Would you volunteer to join the committee help us plan a GREAT REUNION?


This past spring, we surveyed members of our class via our MCHS Class of ’61 web page, asking whether you preferred to hold our 60th reunion in 2021 or 2022. Given that the COVID-19 virus was still a major threat, the consensus was to hold the 61st reunion of the Class of ’61 next year, in 2022.

We have settled on the Reunion Dates and venues:

Friday Evening, September 16, 2022 at The Sports Page, 100 South Federal Avenue, Mason City, Iowa 50401

Saturday Evening, September 17, 2022 at Prime N’ Wine, 3000 4th Street SW, Mason City, Iowa 50401

Sunday Morning, September 18, 2022 at Prime N’ Wine, 3000 4th Street SW, Mason City, Iowa 50401

We have confirmed these dates with the two restaurants. The dates are in sync with the dates of our previous reunions. We have selected the venues based on their quality, their pricing and ample off-street parking.

Our next tasks will be to determine who is planning to attend the reunion, establish reasonable pricing and set the agendas for each gathering. We also sincerely need your suggestions for what you want and do not want to experience. Our goal is to have fun, meet “old” friends and create great memories. Please help us by letting us know what would be the most fun for you!

How can you do that? If you are receiving this message via email, simply hit the “Reply” button and have at it.

If you are receiving this message via U.S. Mail, please write your thoughts and mail them to

Tom Wilson
120 Woodridge Lane
Lino Lakes, MN 55014

If you just want to talk to a class member about your ideas, call Tom Wilson at 651-775-6003. If you happen to get a voice mail greeting, be sure to leave all pertinent information in your message. He will call you back.

As of September 1, 2021, we have lost nearly 100 members of our class. Not a single one of us is getting younger. Implication: We’re not sure whether or when there might be any future MCHS Class of ’61 Reunions, so be sure to get to this one. We are really looking forward to catching up!




Hey! We’re still searching for contact info for a few classmates. If you know the whereabouts of any of these classmates, please let us know. Thanks!

Joseph Angell
Carolyn Auck Wilson
Jack Budke
Janice Cooper Garcia
Maurice Deets
Richard Gabel
Donna Garretson Mowery
Sandra Gregory Thompson
Donna Hamilton Holt
Florence Hammond
Jerry Hansen
Jack Jackson
Charles Larson
Sandra Matzen Larsen
Roger Neumann
Barbara Olson Query
Marian Pinneke Fuller
Doris Richey Alley
Claretta Siewert Riha
Gus Skarlis
Kathleen Songer Hanna
Lamarr Spencer Coe
Diane TeKippe Romig
Mary West Becker
Richard Wilfong
Dick Woodhouse

01/01/22 08:42 AM #83    


Karen Kedrock (Riser)

Thank you for the info and the dates for our next reunion. I have saved them and hopefully can make it. We moved to KY in September, so my address is different. Who do I contact about that? It is 65 Starview Trail, Murray, KY 42071. My phone number is the same--Cell 563-880-7140. Happy New Year to you all.

01/01/22 11:32 AM #84    


Joan Wetterling

Thank you for posting the 61st reunion details of the class of '61!  I shall be honored to attend this momentous event.  As I am in touch with Tom Wilson, I will do my best to help with volunteer duty.  Janice Cooper Garcia is a resident at Good Shepherd Health in Mason City.  I happened to notice the absence of Sharon Findling Preussner's name from the unknown list of names. Does anyone have location info for Sharon, as her name had appeared on previous reunion unknown contact lists. 

01/01/22 12:32 PM #85    

Georganne Williams (Benson)

Georganne ( Williams) Benson will be attending. Not good at ideas but will volunteer to help where I can .

Update info: email:

Address:  4018 Hwy 34   Wayan, Idaho 83285

Phone: 208- 221-1173.


01/01/22 12:59 PM #86    


Judy Vician (Alston)

Plans are now to attend. There will be two, my husband and me.  I would really enjoy playing golf. My husband does not play any more, but does drive the cart for me.  Look forward to seeing all of you.

01/02/22 10:48 AM #87    


Suzy Erbe (Bohn)

Thanks very much for the informative post regarding the 2022 Reunion.  As of today, I will plan to attend.

Happy New Year everyone!  May it be healthy, happy, peaceful...and adventuresome!

Suzy (Erbe) Bohn

01/02/22 03:29 PM #88    


Mary Faktor (Dalton)

I plan on being there. I have already made a reservation to stay with my son😁

01/03/22 08:30 AM #89    


Jim Hall

I am looking forward to the MCHS Class of 1961 reunion in September. I certainly appreciate all the time and effort of those who are planning our reunion.  Thank you.  

Jim Hall

01/04/22 10:22 AM #90    


Marsha Rumpf (Long)

         J.J. and I plan to attend, the good Lord willing!   We have made reservations at the Historic Park Inn since we have no relatives living in the area.  We look forward to the reunion and we will be visiting Mason City like a tourist!   The longer we're away the more we realize there are so many sites and sights to see and enjoy!  Thank you to all the hard work put into the reunion by you and the committee.  Will put our thinking caps on for ideas!  Marsha and J.J. Long

01/05/22 11:28 AM #91    


James Abel

Dianne and I have added the class reunion to our Summer schedule and we are looking forward to seeing friends and seeing Mason City after too long of an absence.  And a big Thank You to Bryan for posting this information.  It appears many of us did not get the initial email.

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