50th Year Reunion







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Update: October 2, 2023



Hello all!

     This was one special evening.  Although we were stifled by a state of emergency at the 11th hour, those who did not hit the road blocks ventured out into the elements. It was a bit of a trek, but when the first person walked through the door we knew it would be an enchanted evening.  

     As people began to congregate in the bar the apprehension of not recognizing each other was eased by cheerful smiling faces eager to connect and reminise. Eventhough many of us only see each other every ten years, we picked up right where we left off.  The years just seem to melt away.  Instead of talking about our education and years of accolades in our careers, the air was filled with a different converation.  

                                          (The D & D Grandpas!)

Now we speak of pattering little feet, that we only have overnight, being retired and having the time to enjoy some long awaited travel plans.  We talk about our bucket lists and the fun we are having planning them.   

Speaking of lists, we would like to apologize to one of the oldest, actually the couple who has stood the longest test of time, Jean McEvoy and Tommy Fitzgerald.  The following couples were recognized as well:  Janet Bock and Gary Fraser, Carol M. Herbst and Philip Ramu, Carol Possidente and John Edwards, Eileen Moran and John Rudy, Jill Schiffman and Joel Dauman, Maryann Gatto and Gary Ferrero and Coleen Curly and Neil Ostrower.

Everyone had enjoyed themselves so well that Diane and I will be working on the 55th Reunion to make it even better than before.  We hope you will continue to follow the class on the website, and please get some of your other fellow classmates to join so that we can keep them informed as well.

The pictures will be available for anyone to copy on the  "50th Reunion - Sunset Harbor" page.  if you have any requests please feel free to contact us.

In closing I would like to say that on behalf of Diane, myself and the rest of the committee we were so elated that our class has been together for the last 50 years and no matter where we are in life's journey we still take the time to remember where we came from and how important relationships are.

We wish everyone, whether you were able to make it or not, the best that life has to offer you and your families and are looking forward to 2028 and seeing each other once again.

Love U All!

Debbe, Diane, Suzanne, Johnny and Jack.