When you click on the link to a slide show you will be asked to install the PHOTODEX PRESENTER. It is a one time install that will only take a minute or 2 to install. After it is installed it may take a minute for the show to start (BE PATIENT). CLICK ON THE SHOW. When the show begins move your mouse curser to the bottom edge of the show, a tool bar will appear. Here you may- (1)pause the show, (2) adjust the volume, (3) with the scroll bar you can fast forward or go backwards, (4) watch the show in full screen mode by clicking on the next to last box in the right hand corner. If you don't see the tool bar right click on the show a menu will appear where most of the same options are available. Unfortunately Photodex Presenter currently will not work on a Mac. You Mac users will have ask a friend if you can watch the slide shows on their PC.
Enjoy the shows,
Your Classmate  Lyle Jones