Corey Renner

Profile Updated: December 1, 2008
Address: Alameda, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: Sonja
Children: Ben, born 2008
Occupation: IT Director
My Story:

Moved to California in 1999, got a dot-com job and stock options that should have allowed me to retire by 35. Looks like I picked the wrong dot-com. Still working in the IT field.

Got married in 2007, had a son in 2008. Life is very good.

Shawnee Memories:

Split-session: Being able to watch Thundercats and Fantasy Island before coming to school. Awesome!

Hooters concert that left my ears ringing for a week.

Favorite Teachers/Classes:

Pappy Parker & Eilleen McKenna (yeah, this one surprises me too ;)

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