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11/12/14 01:52 PM #3    

Mary MacArthur (Wendell)

How great to have all these people signed onto our site (thank you, Elinor!!).  Please encourage classmates to join the party. It is a great way to keep up with each other!  laugh

03/21/15 01:46 PM #4    

Richard Minton

Hi All: I just posted the season finale edition of my Middlebury BBall Blog at ''. If you are just returned from a tour of the outer planets or otherwise want to catch up with the BBall scene, it should do the trick. Hope that you get a chance to enjoy it, and would appreciate any comments that you have. Be well. Clubbo.

03/22/15 01:14 PM #5    

Mary MacArthur (Wendell)

Alas - it didn't work...



Thanks, Clubbo - I'm on my way to read it!!




03/22/15 10:58 PM #6    

Peter Reynolds

Are you misleading us Clubbo?  Trying to get us to solve a mystery?  About Midd BBall??

03/23/15 01:05 PM #7    

Richard Minton

all: sorry for the mis-info- or in today-speak "my bad"- my Blog is on the web @"". some have solved even the mis-information issue, once again showing the value of a middlebury education! be well. clubbo.

02/16/16 06:54 PM #8    


Leland Person

A fascinating and very moving story in the current Middlebury Magazine about Kelly Brush '08, daughter of our classmate Charlie Brush.  The story will bring tears to your eyes and a smile to your face.

02/17/16 09:22 AM #9    

Peter Reynolds


And moving news from Lee as well.  A few months after I joined the grandparents' group (twins in London), Lee became what Anne and I believe is '69's first great-grandfather. And that's how definitions of "generation" change.


02/18/16 06:38 PM #10    

Samuel Eaton

What a beautiful article about Kelly and all the family, especially today on the anniversary of that life changing moment. It reminds us all to be grateful for what we have rather than lamenting what we don't.  And reconfims that what could not kill you will only make you stronger. 

Godspeed, Kelly and Zeke. 

03/19/16 09:24 AM #11    

Mary MacArthur (Wendell)


We are planning our 2nd annual gathering of the women in our class!  About 15 of us gathered last fall and had a truly wonderful time.  We are all looking forward to next September (probably the weekend of the 16th, possibly the weekend of the 9th, depending on how many can come on which weekend!!) and are hoping more women will join us.  The place is Brooksville, ME - a beautiful spot on the water with lots of room.  The downside is that it is pretty far away, although certainly worth the trip!  Please let me know if you are at all interested in coming, and/or have any questions, and spread the word to all the women who might not have signed up on this forum (and get them to sign up too!!).  Looking forward to hearing from you!!

Mary (

03/20/16 11:21 AM #12    

Peter Reynolds

Mary:    So '60's. Still keeping the College Street separation intact?

03/20/16 12:09 PM #13    

Virginia Hopper (Hoverman)

Thanks for your post, Mary. We had a great time last year and hope many women of '69 will join us this September!

03/20/16 02:35 PM #14    

Constance Coffin (Carter)

Thanks for the post and the host, Mary!  Wonderful time last year -- with a lot of stories, new connections, memories shard and created!  I hope more of you can join us this year!


03/21/16 03:39 PM #15    

Mary MacArthur (Wendell)

but Peter, I'm from the 60's and in my 60's so what did you expect?  You boys can have your own gathering, if you'd like!!   :-)



03/22/16 07:19 AM #16    


Elinor Livingston (Redmond)

I agree, Mary!  The men can gather as they will.  We women share a special bond.

03/22/16 11:07 AM #17    

Richard Minton

Gentlemen- or should I say former denizens from the south side of College Street - now that we've grown into our big boy pants, we can have our own get together(s). A bunch of my high school guys do one every two years - because 'ya never know'. What we need is fan interest, and a place and time. I'd start with the suggestion that we keep it simple, that it's not camping (like with tents), and we make sure Charley (or Chuck) Perry is in because he is the director of the music. Then we build from there. If I still had the Rochester (VT) house, I'd suggest that- unfortunately I don't. Anyone else interested? Be well. Clubbo. 

07/22/16 11:34 PM #18    

Mary MacArthur (Wendell)



We will be gathering for the weekend of September 9-11 in Brooksville, ME and hope as many women as possible can join us.  We had a grand time last year and would love more of you to come along this year. The tentative list of people coming includes:  Connie Carter, Julie Von Wettberg, Elinor Redmond, Linda Bouffard, Pat Messler, Shirley Markland, Ginny Hoverman, Barbara Dooley, Marge Shepardson, Beth Kingston, Anne Onion, Betsy Taylor, Pat Anderson, Dijit Taylor, Sue Weidner.  Let me know if you'd like to come, or let me know if you'd like to be included in the emails, even if you can't come this year.  Hope to see you!  Mary (



07/23/16 05:46 PM #19    

Louise Knight (Knight)


I will be traveling in Italy that weekend.  But I would look forward to next year's gathering.  Please keep me on the list. Thanks.

Louise Buckwalter Knight

07/24/16 06:09 PM #20    

Mary MacArthur (Wendell)

Louise,  Thrilled you're interested in coming - I'll add your name to the list. Sorry you can't join us this year, but going to Italy sounds like a pretty good alternative!!  And you should know that Jill Woodman Sisson can't come this year, because she too will be in Italy.  Wouldn't it be fun if you two could see each other over there?  Have a great trip!  Best - mary


07/28/16 07:14 PM #21    

Nancy Robinson (Russell)

I, too, will be out of the country.  I'm sorry I'll miss the get-together.  If you would like to gather in South Carolina at some point, I could work on it! I'm less than a mile from the ocean as the crow flies and have access to my sister's house as well for beds.  Have fun!

07/29/16 01:06 PM #22    

Mary MacArthur (Wendell)

And we will miss you Nancy.  YIkes, with all of these people going abroad, maybe we should think about having this event across the pond!!  And thank you for your very kind offer, Nancy - be careful what you wish for!!  Best- Mary


08/12/16 11:41 AM #23    

Mary MacArthur (Wendell)

Women of '69!!

Don't forget our gathering, September 9-11 - it's coming up SOON!!   So far, the following women are planning to come.  We would LOVE to have you join us!!  Just let me, or any of these women, know if you're interested  in coming (or, let us know if you'd like to come in the future, but can't come this year).  Hoping to see you soon - Mary 


    Connie Carter
    Julie Von WEttberg
    Linda Bouffard
    Pat Messler
    Shirley Markland
    Ginny HOverman
    Barbara Dooley
    Marge Shepardson
    Beth Kingston
    Betsy Taylor
    Elinor Redmond
    Pat Anderson
    Dijit Taylor
    Eleanor Richardson
    Anne Onioin



08/13/16 04:44 PM #24    

Jackie Ogden (English)

Mary, you are wonderful to host this gathering, as was Connie last year.  I so wish I could make it!  Dick and I will be in Glasgow, (Montana!) on our anual trek there and up into Saskatchewan with our dogs for bird hunting.  I do not hunt, just go along for the ride and the scenery.  

Should be wonderful in Maine after such a hot summer.  And I would love to see everyone.  Have a great time!


08/13/16 07:21 PM #25    

Leslie Roth (Millones)

Hi, Mary,

It sounds wonderful, but unfortunately I won't be able to attend this year. Perhaps at another time. Hope everybody has a great time!







08/14/16 12:50 PM #26    

Mary MacArthur (Wendell)


Jackie -

Sounds as if you might be away every fall :-(.  We will miss you, but have a great time!  and I'll add you to the list, so you'll be up-to-date on our correspondences!!






08/14/16 12:51 PM #27    

Mary MacArthur (Wendell)


Thanks for responding - sorry you can't come this year, but we'll add your name to the list with hope for next time!




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