20th Reunion Pics


These pictures were supplied to our site by Vinny Valinotti

  The following pictures were taken by Smiles On Site Event Photography.

I put in names when I could remember you, IDK means I don't know.  I'll be happy to fix them, just tell the picture # and the right names.
1. Ed Mejias (84) & Sue Knight Mejias, Kathy & Carl Berkefeld
2. Tony Salerno & Karen Dworkin Salerno, Steve Geiger
3. Jim Raia, George Scibor & Elizabeth Osvold Scibor
4.  Vinnie & Barbara Valinotti, Pat Murphy, Steve Gieger, Marilyn Geiger, Cathy Murphy
5.  Richard Rotundo & IDK but notice how the lady is trying to hide her beer :)
6.  Jocelyn Anderson & Dean Graziano
7.  Cathy Krall Connelly & IDK.
Is it me or does this guy look like Bill Clinton
8.  Cyndi Moraitis, IDK & Lynda Hegerfeld(?)
9.  Sharon Kelly Hodgkiss & Spouse (can't read his tag)
10.  Jack Lowney, Bob Russell, Mike Moraitis, Peggy Sue Fenton, Jim Vigilante & Keith Guastamacchia
11.  Faith Schultheis, Billy Cross, Billy Overhand, Sharon Zalewski Barger(?), Patty McCarthy Bonavita
12.  Laura Hargadon Gathman & IDK
13. Luis Nieves, Lisa Boix Coslian(?), Juana Torres Rentas and Jorge Rentas 14.  Normally when I'm in a picture I say a lunatic, but as the other guy is Jack, there are definitely 2 lunatics in this picture.  Hank Degenring & Jack Lowney
15.  Vinnie Maggio, Kevin James, ? Maggio
16. Lisa Bandarenko McGowan & Nick Fabiano, Kathy Krall Connelly & Fran Zeller
17. Eric Manuelli, Liz Lynch (maybe) & Dan Lynch
18. IDK, Kathy Dancer(?), Donna Dombroski McMahon, Bonnie Subrize something
19. Michele Slate Castronuova(?), IDK & Peggy Sue Fenton
20. Al Baggerly, Jacqueline Note Harmon & Roseann Caccamo Ney
21. Pat Murphy and Mark Gerritsen
22. Susan Maresca Fossa & Carl Fossa
23. 24. Barbara Valinotti, Faith Schulteis, Sue Gautieri & Vincent Gautieri
25. Luis Nieves & Vincent Malizia
26. Steven Gieger, Cathy Murphy, Marilyn Gieger & Matt Ruane
27. Meredith Gambino Firmani & Susan Anderson
28. Marianne Carroll Buttler & Douglas Buttler & Patricia Bottone Manuelli
29. Bonnie Moran Wenzel, Denise Carves Petraglia & Paul Petraglia 30. Bob Russell, Carol Lynn Juccarone (Mrs Adam Heck?), Eileen Golinski Toomey, Judy Rand, Maria Plungis Baggerly.
31. Ellen Cahill & Robyn Sheridan Roditis
32. Ian Imber & Karen George Cornelius
33. Louis Roditis, Steve Torowus & Carolyn Doorly Torowus
34. Donna Dombroski McMahon, Peggy Sue Fenton & IDK
35. Kathy Dancer, Billy Overhand & Donna Dombroski McMahon 36. Sue Knight Mejias, Bonnie Subrize, Peggy Sue Fenton, Kathy something, Keith Guastamacchia, Laura Hargadon & Vincent Gautieri
37. Jim Raia, weird bartender, Richard Rotundo
38. Yummy!
39. Lois Thiessen Scott, Suzanne Bonavita & Jennifer Ward
40. Lisa Boix & Juana Torres Renta
41. Juana Torres Rentas & Jorge Rentas
43. Cyndi Moraitis, IDK, Jim Vigilante, Lynda Dancer (?) & Jack Lowney
44. IDK & Mary something
45. IDK, Laura Hargadon Gathman, Jeff Moe & Leyda Moe
46. IDK (next time wear your name tag!!!), Laura Hargadon Gathman
47. Jeff Moe & Leyda Moe
48. Reuben Spence, Kim Holt Spence, Karen Dworkin Salerno & Tony Jr & Tony Salerno, Kathleen Westrich Stone & Jeffrey Stone
49. Juana Torres Rentas, Karen Dworkin Salerno & Lisa Boix Coslian
50. Luis Nieves, Cathy ?, Kevin James, Sue Knight Mejias & Ed Meijas (he married the older woman!)
51. Jim Raia, Mark Cohen & Richard Rotondo
52. Maria Plungis Baggerly & Al Baggerly
53. Coleen Burke Halloran & Matt Halloran
54. Reuben Spence, Kim Holt Spence & Lisa Brehm Cohen
55. Bonnie Moran Wenzel & Steve Pelton 56. Barbara & Vinnie Valinotti
57. Barbara Valinotti & Bonnie Moran Wenzel & if you look carefully you might see why Bonnie is laughing so hard, I think JP just goosed her!
(Somebody else thinks it is Steve Pelton so one of you guys tell me who is goosing Bonnie)
58. George Scibor, Carl Fossa, Elizabeth Osvold Scibor & Susan Maresca Fossa
59. Bill Wilson, Kelly Bennin, Matt Ruane & Denise Allen
60. Steve Geiger, Pat Murphy & Cathy Murphy, Marilyn Geiger
61. Michael IDK, Patti Gemmel Tait, Douglas Buttler, Stuart something
62. Jacqueline Note Harmon & Roseann Caccamo Ney
63. Diane Gould McGregor(?), Michele Slate Castronuova, IDK & Neil Marascio
64. Don Wenzel & Kathy Dancer(?)
65. Mr. Dunn & Erin Moran Dunn, Patricia Loring Hayden & John Hayden
66. IDK, IDK, Jim Smith & Jim Anderson
67. Glenn Nelson, Billy Overhand & Linda Nelson
68. Garo Karakashian & Lisa Karakashian
69. Dana Paulikens DeBoer, Dave DeBoer, Garo Karakashian & Mark Gerritsen 70. Louis Roditis, Vincent Malizia & her tag just says Jeannette, guess she is famous like Cher or Madonna...  I checked Vinnies profile and she is Mrs. Vinnie
71. Steve Torowus & Carolyn Doorly Torowus & some lunatic recreating a pose from senior superlatives, we were voted most talkative.  Anyone who has the complete list of senior superlatives please contact me.
72. Emily Brous, Judy Rand, Robyn Sheridan Roditis & Bob Russell
73. Judy Rand and Rich Kliminski
74. Andrew Karycinski & former President Bill Clinton
75. The tag says Darrin Fatone but I know he has a lot less hair than this.
76. Greg McGowan & Lisa Bandarenko McGowan
77. Jacqueline Note Harmon, Roseann Caccamo Ney & Denise Allen
78. Veronica Keough, Fran Zeller, Dean Graziano & Tim Keough
79. IDK & Mike Scripko
80. Ed Huss, Andrew Scott and who could forget Matt Ruane!
 81. Patti Gemmel Tait, Kathy Hutton, Patricia Bottone Manuelli, Kelly Bennin, Marianne Carroll Buttler & Kathy Krall Connelly 82. Scott Haldane (?), IDK, Christine Higgins Marascio(?) , Patti (with an I), IDK, IDK & IDK.  Pat Murphy and Steve Geiger and their spouses are in the back left.