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Patricia Pierick
Spouse/Partner: Jimmy - 48 marriage =53 years with going together
Occupation: Owner DQ Grill & Chill for 39 yrs.
Children: Danielle - 39 yrs old
Military Service: Jimmy Army - Vietman time  
Yes! Attending Reunion

Worked at Allis-Chalmers - West Allis for over 7 years. - Moved to Maryland, Jimmy managed Shaw's Diamond Center - I worked there and Jimmy and I both trained to Manage Kay Jewelers. We both got our individual stores one week apart and each managed Kay Jewelers Store for around 7 years. We have diamond and stone training. We purchased our DQ in 1983 the year our Daughter was born, it is a DQ Grill & Chill. We are not retired and Jimmy is just turning 73 and I'm turning 70. Do miss sometimes Wisconsin, Jimmy's and my parents have passed and most of our aunts and uncles. Still send Christmas Cards to Diane (H) Carson and some others. Love Maryland, we live between Baltimore and DC out where there are horses and cows and farmland but Clarksville has grown. Live in Howard County which is/was rated the best school district and that's why our home taxes are the highest in Maryland and some of the country. House really is too big for us now but love it and should move to down side. Maryland is so close to the Ocean, Ocean City, DE, PA, VA and travel time to NY is not long...and so close to a lot more and weather is so good most of the time. Jimmy and I have always been into cars. Racing at Union Grove, WI when we were going together. First 68 Super Sport, then 70 Super Sport, then Funny Car and when we moved to MD built/re-did 41 Steel Body Willys and 28 Model "A" Ford powered by Chevy only way to go, which all we still own also own 56 Sedan Delivery. Have a 35th Anniv. 2002 Camaro and she has a 98 SS Camaro Super Sport, which we gave to Danielle. Jimmy is NSRA Northeast Division Director which he still holds and I host the free for Ladies Tea at York, PA and VT for those are his shows which he has Reps. Officials from DE to Maine. This is and also has been a volunteer job and we do it for free for the promotion of the car sport. Sorry to read of all of the classmates passing and much too young. Sorry I missed our 50th, I made the 25th. Prayers for a Merry Christmas 2021 and Healthy and Safe New Year! God Bless!

School Story:

Funny memory was when our homeroom which Gene Danielson/Diane H and her twin (sorry he passed so early) were in homeroom...was voted Homeroom Sweetheart and the funny thing was when my pic. was put up on the homeroom door and one day on top of my lip was drawn something. You can guess what it was and I laughed my A__ off, quite funny and I know who it was...another funny thing was I was Study Hall Monitor for many years and all those who would ask me to mark them in but not be in study hall...I remember making the Christmas Sleigh with my cousin (who went to a Boys Cath. School think it was Jordon) out of wood so we could use it at our themed dance so classmates could take their photos...wonder what happened to it. Remember getting lost trying to get to all those floors and my classes, wonder if others did too. Remember my history teacher who came from a socialist country and she was trying to teach us to be socialists, thought it was quite unreal at that time. Remember what Jimmy who graduated in Jan. 1966 tells me about all the funny things they did to Mr. Erdman and got away with and got him going. Remember my last class of the day which was typing and looking out the window to see Jimmy's 68 Chev. Super Sport in front of the school steps waiting to pick me up. Those school steps still remind me of Grease High School steps and feel a lot was like our Washington High School days with Grease Movie. I could go on and on but will spare you... Do have to say Jimmy's Band Member back then Tony Pippito (?) who always wanted to buy/own Ma Ma Mia's diddoes and may be still owns it have not been back to WI in awhile.

How often do you get back to Milwaukee, or are you still living in the area?

Was going back twice a year but after all parents passed have not been back since early 2000's. Would like to get back but with owning/running the DQ have not be able to and doing all the NSRA Events and two car Ocean City Events also per year it's been hard to get back.

What did you want to do or think you were going to do when you finished high school?

Marry Jimmy and build a good life, work hard, be a good person and help others. Which have done and keep trying to do!

What did you always want to do that you haven’t done yet?

Really can't think of anything...guess try to retire when we's hard to give up the DQ even with all of the sometimes stress. We have a large Motorhome bath and 1/2 that Jim and me also when I saw it had to have.. that we only are able to use once a year to do the NSRA Show in VT... but guess it would be to retire and take Motorhome around to all of the US. At our ages I would sometimes not mind to sell house, business and all and just maybe live in the Motorhome...wonder how long that would last...I and others have always said, be careful what you wish for!

High points of your life since high school?

High Points...Marriage, birth of our Daughter Danielle (low point is when she got cancer Hogkins Lym. but has been in remission for awhile!) High Points, good jobs, long marriage with Jimmy, good Friends,

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Aug 02, 2021 at 10:07 AM
Jul 21, 2021 at 9:25 PM
May 11, 2021 at 6:10 PM

Hi John and Pam, just saw you live in MD also and so do I and my husband of 48 yrs. Jim he graduated from Washington also in Jan 1966 and wanted to say H, Patti

May 11, 2021 at 6:00 PM

Hi David, live in MD also since 1976 and saw you do also, just wanted to say Hi, Patti

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Jul 31, 2020 at 11:16 AM

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Hi's Patti still remember Sociology class and all .all the best!

Jul 28, 2020 at 9:53 AM

Hi Diane...hope all is well! Patti Knaack

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Jul 21, 2021 at 8:40 AM

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Gene...Happy Birthday on August 2nd! Here's too many more...All the Best! Patti (Pierick) Knaack.