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David Wolf

David Wolf

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Ted Zimmer

Dave's Entry for the Memory Book for the 2008 Reunion:

Retired from the Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory in February 2001 after thirty-seven plus years. I was the Lead Engineer, Hydraulic test (my least favorite undergraduate course at Marquette was Fluid Dynamics). I got my Bachelors Mechanical Engineering Degree in May 1963 just two weeks after my daughter (Marguerite, a.k.a Peggy) was born. I obtained a Masters Degree in ME in January 1965. I married Barbara J. Tabushing on August 19, 1961, which means we celebrated our forty-seventh anniversary this year.

My second son was born here in Clifton Park in February 1968. He will receive his PhD in Philosophy from the State University of NY at Albany this coming January. He is Curriculum Development for Empire State College of NY from which he recently presented a paper at a world Conference in Vienna, Austria. In his spare time he runs his Ballroom Dance Studio, Saratoga Savoy, in Saratoga, NY. Check out his web site.

My daughter is a RN at Nathan Littaur Hospital in Gloversville, NY about twenty-three miles east of my home. She and her husband (a Carpenter) also have a mini-farm with thirteen horses a couple of llamas and four Great Danes plus a few scattered extras for funsies.

Unfortunately, since 1998, my wife has had several serious health problems with which we have devoted mush time and effort. Recently, I have developed Rectal Carcinoma Tumor, which had to be removed after several weeks of Chemotherapy and Irradiation. Which had added to our workload. I regret deeply not being able to meet with such a good group again, but rest assured a pray for you all. God bless you and keep you healthy and happy.


Crickets in the Classroom

It seems that the two classmates, namely Dr. James Lipo and Dr. Richard Labinski, managed to perfect a good imitation of a cricket’s call. If they were in the same classroom inevitably there would be crickets calling back and forth. Perhaps they could demonstrate if they are available.

Floyd and the Flying Shoe

It was a hot summer like day and the windows were open on the second floor classroom. Brother Eugene Sohm was teaching some unremembered Senior subject. The student (Unknown) sitting in front of Lance (AKA Floyd) took off his shoes to cool his feet. Lance put a shoe on the windowsill which caused a minor giggle. When the owner tried to retrieve the shoe, Lance gave it a tap and out it went. That caused an uproar to which Brother Sohm inquired as to the nature of the hilarity. With a little explanation, he sent Lance down to retrieve it. After a short interval, a shoe kept flying past the windows, up and down.

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