Class Reunion survey - ACTION REQUESTED


Your 46th Reunion Committee met on March 26 and presents this status report to you on our upcoming celebration.  We ask for your input via the survey at the end of this report by April 24th to assess if and how we will proceed with our plan.

DATE/VENUE: The reunion date is Saturday, August 28, 12 noon - sunset.  The event is an outdoor picnic under a large Mingo Creek Park pavilion.

MENU:  The proposed menu features three entrees:  pulled pork, breaded chicken, and halushki (meatless).  Various salads, cookies, and a sheet cake are also included.  Beverages are beer and bottled water.

COST:  The preliminary admission cost is projected to be about $30 per person to cover the food, drink, pavilion, tableware, decorations, ice, etc.  Payment by major credit card will be accepted as well as via check.

COVID PRECAUTIONS: We are monitoring the government health experts' recommendations on outdoor events.  At this time, Pennsylvania permits 50% maximum capacity in outdoor venues as long as social distancing (three feet) is followed.   We have a very large pavilion plus hundreds of yards of land outside the pavilion so we will be in compliance.  Even if we only use the pavilion, and if we host 50 people, each person will have 30 SF of space (5'x6').

Meanwhile, temperature checks upon admission may be required for everyone's safety.  Those guests with temperatures above 100.4F will be asked to separate from the group but hopefully we will have no such instances.  Since the picnic is outdoors, masks will not be mandated but are a personal choice.   Hand sanitizers will be on hand.  Vaccination cards are not required.

We anticipate that the COVID restrictions will continue to ease until our August 28 date.  If not, we realize the event may need to be canceled.

MISCELLANEOUS:  As a separate and supplemental option, an event for classmates is being planned for Friday evening, August 27, in the Mon Valley.  Under consideration is a karaoke night with food and cash bar in a private room, again following COVID precautions.

We may also set up a bocce court or some other lawn game near our pavilion.  An MVCH75 trivia contest is also under consideration with age-appropriate prizes  :)

And for those classmates who prefer the traditional five-year incremental anniversaries, 2021 is also the Golden (50th) Anniversary of our grade school graduations in 1971.

DEADLINES:  In order to project a reasonable head count for the food and drink, we ask that you complete the non-commitment survey below and submit it by Saturday, April 24.  The committee can then review everyone's input and proceed (or not) with the event planning.  We anticipate making a final decision on the reunion (and to be close enough to the August 28 date so we can assess the status of Pennsylvania's COVID restrictions at that time) no later than July 31 to accommodate classmates who are traveling from out of state.

Please complete the short survey below.  Thank you for your consideration and input.


MVCH75 46th Reunion Committee


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1)   * As of TODAY (subject to change), how confident are you of attending the reunion?

  "Lord willin' and the creek don't rise." (this one is for our classmates in the South)
2)   If you are likely to attend the reunion, do you plan to attend the Friday night event as well?

  Not sure, but I appreciate the noon start of the reunion on Saturday so I can sleep off the effects of the Friday night event
3)   * If you plan to attend, do you expect to bring your spouse or guest?

  Not sure
  Not if I can help it!
4)   If you are not sure whether you will attend as of today, could you advise what factors are impacting your decision?

5)   Optional Only: have you been vaccinated against the COVID virus or do you plan to be vaccinated before the reunion?

  None of your business
6)   Do you wish to make any suggestions to the committee's plans as outlined above?