In Memory

Neil E. Tees

Neil E. Tees

Deceased Classmate: Neil E. Tees
Date Of Birth: 11-9-1942
Date Deceased: 4-30-2019
Age at Death: 76
Cause of Death: Lenthy illness following a stroke
Classmate City: Colleyville
Classmate State: TX
Classmate Country: USA
Was a Veteran: Yes
Survived By: wife and 5 children

Neil and I were friends in high school he was a runner(cc). He graduated from Oklahoma University He served in Vietnam(1964) I do not know what branch of service. He was in NJ for awhile but moved to Texas in 1984. He lived west of Dallas in Colleyville and actually owned a long horn cow whose horns were very long and dangerous he said.

Posted by Ed Rynex