Mary Boyle O'Leary

Profile Updated: May 9, 2020
Children: Meghan, born 1999
Daniel, born 2001
Catherine, born 2003
Occupation: Flight Attendant
Yes! Attending Reunion
What top 1979 song reminds you of your senior year?

I Want You to Want Me - Cheap Trick

Did you call it Route 12 or Rand Road?

Rand Road

What do you think about the teachers we had at PHS?

OMG, I'm on the wrong website!

Are you one of the only people you know who was taught to drive with two feet, one for the brake and one for the gas?


Peeps or Lukes?


What did you do the week that school was cancelled because of the "Blizzard of '79?"

Went sledding.

Any grandkids?


Have you Tatooed?


If you were taking a trip down memory lane, would it be to:

Alpine Valley

Do you facebook?


Jake's or Giordano's?