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Why a community like Mountain Brook needs funding?


The Mountain Brook High School class of 1971 has decided on a three tiered fund raising effort.


            First, Vic Wilson, MBHS principal, currently has several initiatives where MBHS clubs or departments are partnering with predominantly African-American schools. There have been two joint drama productions, one with Fairfield and one with Holy Family.  And there have been annual Heritage Panel days where MBHS students spend two days at Wenonah High and Wenonah students spend two days MBHS.

            Vic would like to establish a Larger Community Fund to support and expand efforts to bring MBHS more directly in contact with schools in Metropolitan Birmingham. He is very enthusiastic about their existing programs, currently supported by general operating funds, and these programs could be expanded with additional financial support. This fund would be under Vic’s direction and the need in this area is $20,000.

The following student and teacher testimonials highlight the success of the current efforts.

“The Heritage Panel program is extremely important to me as an educator because it provides Mountain Brook students with a chance to interact with students from completely different backgrounds with whom they may never otherwise have a chance to interact. It is terribly exciting to watch our students find common bonds and build relationships with students who seem as though they are often a world away. I have also found that the Heritage Panel provides a home base for students who sometimes do not seem to fit in with the “norm”. It allows for an accepting and diverse environment welcoming to all. With bullying at an unfortunate all time high in today’s society, all students need a place to feel welcomed; the Heritage Panel provides just such an environment.” (teacher)

“Although Heritage Panel may have at first seemed like an appealing way to miss a couple of days of school, once I actually listened to a roomful of strangers from two different worlds, the initial difference of skin color between us melted away, taking with it my ignorant view of racism. It made me re-think who I was drawn to talk to based on an inconsequential exterior. This quote says it all: “Choose your friends by their character and your socks by their color. Choosing socks by their character makes no sense, and choosing your friends by their color should be unthinkable.”(Senior girl)

“The Heritage Panel has been a life-changing experience. Over the two years I have been involved in the Heritage Panel, I have freed myself from all stereotypes, prejudices, and “isms” of all kinds. Through involving myself in this club, I have gained respect, knowledge, and most importantly love for all people. This club truly brought hope for a more inclusive world for me.” (Senior boy and Heritage Panel president)

Second, MBHS has an on-going, multi-year plan to enhance campus security.  Beginning in 2008, cameras were added in the building and parking lots. In 2009, cameras were added on the back road, and in 2010 cameras were added on the outdoor concourse. The next phase calls for cameras on the new road around the campus and at the football stadium. The safety of students, faculty and staff is of utmost concern and a $10,000 donation would support this need.

Finally, the remaining contributions will go to the MBHS foundation for use at their discretion.

            The Reunion Committee is very excited about these efforts and has established a goal of $40,000 for our 40th reunion.  We hope that you will also find these efforts exciting and support them as you see fit.  We are hoping for 100% participation from our class and all donations will be greatly appreciated. 

Major gift levels of participation:

$250-GREEN                                                   $1000-SPARTAN

$500-GOLD                                                $2500-CLASS OF 71

Donations can be spread over three years with payments in 2011, 2012, and 2013 and can be made “in honor” or “in memory” of someone special, possibly a teacher, a coach, or a special classmate who is no longer with us.

Please use the following pledge card to make your donation.

Download MBHS 71 Pledge Card