Class History

The following items are things that we as a class voted on for our MHS Class of "67".

Class Images

Class Motto:  Learning without thought is useless;  Thought without learning is dangerous.

Class Colors:  Navy Blue and Yellow

Class Flower:  Daisy

Class Song:  Born Free

Class Officers

President:  Allan DeHorn

Vice President:  Pamela Stanton

Secretaries:  Janet Langeland and Mary Feldt

Treasurer:  Susan Paige

Historian:  Ann Olsen

Parliamentarian:  Carol Workman

Sargeant at Arms:  Mary Heneveld

Advisors:  Mrs. Mildred De Yoe, Mrs. Helen Dykema, Mrs. Lucille Silky, Mr. Russell VanderWeir, Mr. David Zierath, Mr. John Toppen

Mock Elections

Done Most For The School - Allan DeHorn, Pam Stanton

Most Likely To Succeed - Bob McKinley, Carol Kinnucan

Best All Around - Jeff Keay, Debbie Buikema

Most Popular - Steve Allen, Susan Paige

Class Actors - Bob Ritcheske, Sue Aslakson

Most Athletic - John Usimal, Carol Workman

Best Musicians - Bill Fee, Julie Giacobassi

Best Looking - Dave Young, Linnea Meyers

Best Dancers - Ed Hodges, Jamie DeVette

Best Dressed - Chuck Griffith, Pam Morgan

Class Singers - Don Barnes, Rauthalyce Kuziak

Class Flirts - Jim Karkowski, Nan Kersting

Cutest Couple - Al Mell, Carmen Dykema

Most Shy - Al Mell, Evelyn Shepard