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01/17/13 09:57 AM #1    


Randy Jennings (1966)

Welcome to the message forum of the new Seahawk Luncheon website.

You may leave messages or questions here for your Seahawk Alumni. Inapproiate  messages will be removed.  The topics should maintain good behavior.  If you have a problem with a message and feel it inappropriate request that it be removed by contacting me at the Contact Us link at the top of the page.

 Thank You

08/10/13 11:37 AM #2    


Barbara Sloan (1964)

I would dearly like to be back in touch with Cammie Brooks (1964).  If anyone knows where she is, please let me know or notify her that I am looking for her.  Thanks so much.  Barbara Sloan

09/20/13 10:09 PM #3    

Tim Chestnut (1979)

This website is Fantastic !......I've lots of 1979 and near grads I'm going to tell about this site.....thanks very much.....tim

01/21/14 01:25 PM #4    

Pamela French (Brown) (1965)

Would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year....I      have not been to any of the "luncheons" yet...but I will soon....


04/03/14 07:59 AM #5    

Kay Alford (1975)

Hi, I'm working on the 40th class reunion for the class of '75; many of you have relatives who might have been a member of this class.  If you would, could you send me any contact information for these classmates or provide them with my contact information., 843-251-9361.


I have always dreamed of having a cruise with fellow seahawks; and with the creation of this site, I think it might come true!  How wonderful would it be to go on a cruise with your husband, wife, children, grandchildren, even your parents!  I'd like to hear feed back from the rest of you regarding this and would be willing to represent the class of '75 if a committee were formed to work on this.

07/15/15 05:06 PM #6    

Lynne Covington (Ebert) (1974)

A 70's Reunion  is being held October 10th 2015 at the Myrtle Beach State park at shelter B3 from 1pm to 9pm.

Anyone who attended at least 1 semester of  MB High School  between Jan 1st 1970 thru Dec 31st 1979 is Invited to attend.

Please share with everyone who attended MB High, They may have brothers or sisters who fit within this time frame, that may not have heard about this Reunion.

Tickets for this event are $25 per person, and can be purchased by sending check or money order to Lynne Ebert 9152 Baywood Circle, Myrtle Beach SC 29588

The first 50 people who send payment will also recieve a complimentary wristband to cover the $5 per person entry fee charged by the State Park.   (I still have wristbands available)

This will be a catered event, so tickets must be purchased by Sept 10th  so I can notify Caterer of an accurate headcount.    Thank you and I look forward to seeing you there !!

questions can be  directed to me directly at or call me at 843-997-9115  after 10am.

Thanks ,    Lynne



09/04/17 05:31 PM #7    

Harold "Dwaine" Jackson. Jr. (1963)

Randy -


I would like to be able yo post a general note to try and locate some of our past classmates. If anyone knows them , they might be able to contact that person to let them know another classmate is trying to get in touch with them.


Let me know ,




Dwaine Jackson       Class of 1963.    Email:

11/16/20 07:30 AM #8    

Randy Turner (1961)

I am a graduate of MBHS, class of 1961.  I lost touch with a friend I had at Myrtle Beach.  He was younger than me...perhaps 1, or maybe even 2 years.  He lived with his mother somewhere south of the Pavilion on Ocean Blvd.  As I recall, his mother was divorced, separated, or was a widow.  She worked at a Motel.  

He had an old Ford.  It was a 1932 Ford and it was in very good condition.  I loved old cars and I helped him work on his car for quite a while.  It was a lot of fun and good fellowship.  At some point this friend's mother was offerred a job at Sea Island, Georgia and they moved.  That was probably in 1960, or 1961.  I am struggling to remember his name, but I think it was Tommy Thompson, although I can't be that sure.

Anyway, I was thinking about this friend I haven't seen, or heard of, for probably 60 years, or more.  I am hoping the few details I have recalled will trigger a memory by some of my friends from MBHS.  I simply hope he hasn't disappeared from all our memories.  

If anyone can recall Tommy Thompson, or the person I have named Tommy Thompson, I would love to hear what you can remember about him.  Please feel free to contact me at

Thanks,  Randy Turner.


12/08/20 11:31 AM #9    

Tyler Jackson (1965)

Wayne Vereen, was an outstanding person, as a young high school student we did a lot of things together, I am sure we would have gotten in trouble with our parents if they only knew what we were up to. One day Wayne, Pete Peterson and I proceed to Long Bay Estates with a plan to catch an allagator Boy was that a half baked idea, we had a long bambo pole with a rope and a wire loop, and were in Pete Peterson's canoe, We got the wire loop around about a 10' allgartor, he started rolling flipped the canoe over, we then had to start swimming. we got to shore, but we didn't have the canoe, it was floating in the lake. After taking a new look at thing we decided it was a really bad idea, thinking the allagator wouldn't have been to happy with us if we tried to pull him up on the bank. that is just one of many things we did together. 

I will always have fond memories of the many thing we did together as kids, very sorry to hear that he passed away.

Tyler Jackson (803) 606-1836




04/26/22 09:48 AM #10    

Ronnie Lee Smith (1962)

I need a Myrtle Beach class ring from 1962   Mens




01/27/24 10:18 AM #11    

Harold "Dwaine" Jackson. Jr. (1963)

I would like to communicate with Stevie Thompson Smith, but I do not see any way to get the message to her..




Harold Dwaine Jackson, Jr.  

MBHS Class of 1963

Clemson University Class of 1968


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