In Memory

James Rodman (Roddy) Rourk



James Rodman (Roddy) Rourk

Faculty Member
Myrtle Beach High School
Years 1958 To 1966
(possible these years are incorrect, only had these annuals)

Born 1930

Died 1984
Buried In Ocean Wood Cemetary
Myrtle Beach SC

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02/11/14 06:42 PM #1    

Harold "Dwaine" Jackson. Jr. (1963)

Mr. Rourk was an outstanding person and math/science teacher.  He was my school bus driver coordinator.  About 30 years after I finished MBHS (1963), I had a dental appointment and the hygienist turned out to be the daughter of Roddy Rourk.  Small world.


Harold Dwaine Jackson, Jr.

Lexington, SC



02/12/14 11:02 AM #2    

Peter Thibodeau (1960)

Interesting, I also have stellar memories of Mr. Rourk. He was my 8th grade math teacher, Elks baseball coach, bus driver supervisor, Pavilion life guard supervisor. Class of 1960.

Peter Thibodeau 

02/12/14 11:44 AM #3    

Ronald (Ronnie) Jay Lambe (1961)

Roddy Rourk was, without a doubt, one of the nicest gentleman I ever met.  He was my boy scout leader from 1952 - 1956 and my little league coach from 1953 - 1955.  He was a principled man providing positive leadership to everyone with whom he had contact.  I cannot remember him without a smile on his face.


02/12/14 12:15 PM #4    

Keith Salvo (1960)

I too had the pleasure of working with Roddy at the Pavilion with the beach service like Peter... probably about the same time.. a great man and great teacher for all he came in touch with.

02/12/14 04:56 PM #5    

Jim Spann (1961)

Roddy was my Scoutmaster from 1952 to 1952 and his influence was principally responsible for me pursuing the Eagle and God & Country awards. Although he coached the Elks Little League team, he always had time to coach and encourage me on the Civitans.

Unknown to us until years later, my wife's aunt taught at MB with both my mom and dad in the years prior to WWII. For a time she roomed with Roddy's parents and now at 96, she still remembers Roddy as a cute, outgoing kid.

Only the good die young......

02/13/14 10:57 AM #6    

Grover C. Ramsey, Jr. (1960)

Roddy Rourk set the standard for many young people in Myrtle Beach, S.C. which remains today with many of us who had the advantaghe to be guieded by him in Elks Baseball Coach, Boy Scouts Leader, School Teacher, Beach Service at the Pavilion and iSocial Skills. I will always be thankful for his guidance.....

Grover Ramsey MBHS 1960

02/13/14 08:06 PM #7    

Tim Chestnut (1979)

There's a comforting somehow in remembering moments in time. Mr. Rourk , Robert Harper and I used work on bags of peanuts watching Dixie Youth Baseball Games at Pepper Geddings. He would always crack me up with his jokes or stories , things that had happened at MBHS years gone passed. Not a Christmas Eve goes by that I don't think of him now almost 30 years since his passing. My four years at MBHS are full of fond memories of GREAT teachers like him.....Tim Chestnut

03/04/14 07:15 PM #8    

Frank Beckham (1967)

As many of you know, my dad was the recreation director for the city of Myrtle Beach from 1951 until his passing in 1987. During those 36 years, he received many recognitions and awards on the state, regional and national  level for his athletic programs, beach service vendor system, and beach patrol and lifeguard qualification protocol. In every instance, he was quick to give all of the credit to his many volunteers.

One of those volunteers was Roddy Rourk. You would never get my dad to say it, but I know for a fact that he was one of his most revered volunteers and they became good friends. Any time my dad needed funds outside of the city budget for something like a team sponsorship or an out of town trip to a tournament, he went to Mr. Rourk. Without fail, Mr. Rourk would go out and solicit businesses and come up with the money.

Mr. Rourk, my dad and some other citizens helped form the Associated Charities in Myrtle Beach. There was many a Saturday when my dad, Mr. Rourk and Danny Isaac would load up and make the rounds of Chapin Company, Belk and Divine's and get donations of socks, underwear, tennis shoes and baseball gloves for kids that couldn't afford them.

I can't tell you how many times my brothers and I woke up to kids sleeping in our living room. Sometimes we knew them and sometimes we didn't Our parents diplomatically explained that for whatever reason, they needed a place to stay and we weren't to discuss it. We came to understand it as people in need. My mom fed them just like family and if it was a school day, Roddy Rourk was often the one that picked them up and saw that they made it to school.

Roddy Rourk was a passionate educator and character builder. Those of us who came up through the recreation programs and scouting and sat in his math classes, were blessed to have a Roddy Rourk in our lives that tirelessly and joyfully gave of himself.

03/21/22 05:27 PM #9    

Gordon Shepherd (1962)

I went to Myrtle Beach Grammar School from 2nd to 6th grades. I would have been in the MBHS clas of '62 but actually moved away after my 6th grade. In that short time one of my fondest memories was Roddy being my scoutmaster at the church across from the high school. We had many eventful evenings playing capture the flag on the church lawn as well as camping outings at Lake Arrowhead that was mostly sand dunes with a few sand roads through it. We found many shell clips from previous military exercises. Once I cut my left foot with a 3/4 axe so he had to take me to the doctor. I was used to using a full length axe and didn't stand close enough for the shorter handle length. Of course I went back to rejoin the group. Many camping Friday nights we'd go into town to attend a HS basketball game. We normally visited the Esso station in the middle of town for natural reasons and one time the group left me at the station and I had to walk to the game. I did rejoin my Class of'62 at their 33rd reunion and have been to most of them since, many of them still best friends I communicate with weekly. The Seahawk Luncheons at Pine Lakes have been very instrumental in seeing my classmates and many not in "my" class. I have felt fortunate in being able to keep in touch. I will always remember the fun experiences we had because of Roddy!

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