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John Moss Hartt

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Email received from Moss:

Wed Sept 3, 2003

Greetings, Jan --

Thanks for thinking of me, but it's not likely I'll make the reunion. I have received information on the others, so I can't plead ignorance. Social dysfunction would be more accurate. Both my family and I left Nacogdoches not long after high school, so I lost touch with that part of my life -- as well as the feelings of familiarity with the people. For me it's a distant memory at best, populated by virtual strangers.

It probably would be fun to see whose done what -- and who've they've married -- but my life is full of so many other commitments these days, I doubt I could make it. Besides, this way I get to keep on living with my illusions of how everybody turned out, without having it spoiled by reality.

At any rate, here's my address.

Yes, this is a beautiful place to live. And it feels like home. I can't imagine being anywhere else. Funny thing: it's actually a lot like Nacogdoches, except there are mountains, four real seasons, and things in the woods that will eat you. Oh yeah, and I didn't grow up here -- that may be the best part.

Take care,

PS You and Cal getting together after all these years must be a VERY interesting story. Best wishes to you both.

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