Donation/Reunion Payment

Important Electronic Payment Method Option – We encourage everyone to make all payments electronically through Popmoney, a secured online payment service, which offers the convenience of sending and receiving money through email or text.  This well-known payment service is used by most leading financial institutions. Please send the payment to  If your bank or credit union uses Popmoney, then you can make your payments directly through them using your online banking account. Some banks call it Popmoney or they may have another name for it.  Just contact your bank or credit union directly to see if they use it. You can also check on the Popmoney website below to see if your bank use the services. If your bank use the service, you can do the sending of your money directly from your banks’ website.


If your bank does not use Popmoney, that is not a problem, you can set up a Popmoney profile at  You can also download the Popmoney app on your Apple or Android devices.  It is only a $.95 fee to send money this way on the Popmoney website and the fee could be slightly less or slightly more through your financial institution.  It is pretty easy; all you have to do is provide the name of the reunion bank account (please see below for account names) and enter the class email address of in the designated Email field.  If your financial institution allows sending to a business account then you can enter the Class Business Account Name; however, if it only allows sending to a Person or a Charity, please use the Class Personal Account Name, entering both the First Name and Last Name as listed below.   The money will be deposited into our class account immediately.  Please make sure to copy and paste the email address to avoid errors.


Payments via Popmoney: (Popmoney will allow everyone the option of scheduling recurring payments as well – be it monthly or twice a month or whatever way you choose).


Class Business Account Name: Natchez High Class of 1977 Reunion

Class Personal Account Name: First Name:  NorthNatchez Class

      Last Name:  SeventySeven

Class Email address:

Subject:  North Natchez Class of 1977 Reunion Fee Payment

If your financial institution requires a cell phone number for extra security, please enter 972-672-1054 or 601-807-4502.

Please direct all questions to our class email address or a planning team member.