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11/16/09 03:48 PM #12    

Dent Follweiler


The site is excellent.....I will do my best to update with additional information on myself, my travels, etc.

God Bless

12/18/09 03:32 PM #13    

Kathy Kuntz (Spitzer)

Hi Lori....I just found this site and I think it is fantastic! Thank you so much for all your hard work with this site. I will definitely update my profile and check in more frequently. I love that I can keep in touch with everyone, since I live in South Carolina, I don't get home much. Have a wonderful holiday season everyone!
Kathy Kuntz Spitzer

12/18/09 08:44 PM #14    

Patricia Gorsky-Bent (Gorsky-Bent)

Hey Lori - Happy Holidays!!!

01/03/10 10:36 AM #15    

Kathy Kuntz (Spitzer)

Happy New Year Class of 1975! Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year filled with many blessings!

02/10/10 03:56 PM #16    


Debbie Burger

lori, thanks for this site, u did a awesome job, keep up great job Debbie Burger

05/18/10 01:27 PM #17    


Samuel R Chamberlain Jr.

Great Job Lori..........bringing back old memories and past relationships is about all we have!  Thanks

06/17/10 04:10 PM #18    

Daniel J. Duch

Hey Lori!


Many Kudos on building this site and keeping the memories ALIVE!  I too refuse to age, so I am staying young forever!!  Thanks again for the friendship which has grown over the years and I am still looking to do a concert with you in the near future.  I tip my you, Lori!!!

08/13/10 01:01 PM #19    

Barbara Hertzog (Weigard)


Thanks for making such a great website. This is a great way to find out what everyone is doing and where they are. Hope more people join!

Barb Hertzog Weigard

09/09/10 07:58 PM #20    

Cindy Dilliard (Kebort)

Hey Lori thanks to your site you created for us I have got back in touch with so many old friend. It's wonderful to keep in touch with them again. Thanks

09/10/10 08:10 PM #21    


Eric Holencik

Great site! Sad to say I won't be able to make it to the reunion tomorrow. Say hi to everybody and I will be at the next one!

09/12/10 02:01 PM #22    


Lori Shellhammer (Reed)

 Okay, Dippy! Will do! (does anyone call you that anymore? LOL)

09/17/10 01:25 PM #23    


Eric Holencik

Just people I havn't seen for 25 or 30 years!

11/29/14 05:08 PM #24    


William Hartman

hay erik whats up its billi hartman remember the good ole party days. do you ever see david biel. whats up with jerry wiener heard not some bad things happened. stay in touch 


11/29/14 05:11 PM #25    


William Hartman

 whats up with the next reunion time place where let me know

11/29/14 05:12 PM #26    


William Hartman

 been a long time see we lost some good people over the years


12/14/14 06:33 AM #27    


William Hartman

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All

05/10/15 10:34 PM #28    


Vickie Ann Fries (Beller)

Thanks, Lori for the website.  You've done a great job... It was interesting to know that I was "missing"... I was glad to find the website.  It's been interesting to find out what everyone has been doing since graduation.

09/25/15 01:00 PM #29    


Diane Gordon (Chladni)

Hello Classmates:

Sorry I missed the 40th however I had the chance to spend the weekend at the Shore with my grandchildren, son and his wife.  We had a great time dispite the rain.  My grandson loved watching the Airshow over the water.  They are only 4 and 1 1/2 and this age is just so much fun to do things with.

Hope all had a great time.  Hopefully see you all at the 45th.  Enjoy the rest of the year.



09/09/16 12:11 PM #30    


Janell Kutz (Zito)

Hi Lori and classmates!

Not sure if this is the proper place to post but, Tommy has some performances coming up in Northampton shortly and was thinking maybe we could use one as a little class get-together. Here are the dates if anyone is interested. Love and miss you all, Jan Zito (Kutz)


JAN 21 SAT - NORTHAMPTON VFW  7-10  1204 MAIN ST. Northampton, PA. Call 610-262-3891 For info/Reservations Open to Public

JAN 28 SAT - OLD CARRIAGE TAVERN 7-10 3819 Seemsville RdNorthampton PA (610) 697-1707 Please call ahead on tables of 6 or more. This is the old Seamsville Inn. A few classmates already plan on being at this one so, can't wait.

FEB 14 TUE - TAILGATERS Pub & Grill 7-10 Valentine’s Day 1313 Center St Bethlehem PA 610-625-0400 No Reservations needed New Venue

FEB 18 SAT - WEAVERSVILLE INN 6:30-9:30 6916 Weaversville Rd Northampton, PA. 610-502-9881 Call well ahead for reservations.

APR 08 SAT - NORTHAMPTON VFW  7-10  1204 MAIN ST. Northampton, PA. Call 610-262-3891 For info/Reservations Open to Public

MAY 13 SAT - WEAVERSVILLE INN 6:30-9:30 6916 Weaversville Rd Northampton, PA. 610-502-9881 Call well ahead for reservations

09/09/16 02:09 PM #31    


Lori Shellhammer (Reed)

Jan & Tommy,

YES! This is perfect!  I'll also put it on the main announcement page, as well!

Thanks for thinking of all of us, as that's a GREAT idea!

Love and hugs,


03/05/17 09:06 AM #32    

Carol Jane Oplinger (Barrett)

Hey Everyone!  Does anybody know anything about Sandy Milham?  She went to the Wolf bldg with us for 1st - 6th grades, and then a year or 2 in Junior High.  Her Dad owned Dick Milham Chevrolet in Bethlehem.  I believe thats where the family moved to when they left their Lincoln Ave home in Northampton.  Her married name is Sandra J. Milham Knipe, which I found in an online obituary for her Dad.  Her Mom's name is Shirley Gardner Milham, and she has a younger brother named Scott.  Let me know if you have any info to share.  Thanks!



03/06/17 09:20 AM #33    


Lori Shellhammer (Reed)

Wow, I DO remember Sandy Milham!  Did you try searching FaceBook for her?

05/04/17 09:30 AM #34    

John Eckert

Hi lori,

Thank you for the website.

I wanted to let you know larry bush passed away in january

after a long courageously fought battle with cancer.

Would you please post it to the website.

Thank you

john eckert



06/12/20 11:11 AM #35    


Diane Gordon (Chladni)


At this point we are in the yellow stage.  No more than 25 can gather at a time.  Hopefully that will change soon.  We will have to keep you updated when it changes and to how many can gather at a time.



Diane (Gordon) Chladni

06/12/20 12:30 PM #36    


Lori Shellhammer (Reed)

Wear your Cloak of Invisibility and they'll never know.  :-)



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