45th Class Reunion Survey

Hey Everyone!

So, 2019 marks the 45th anniversary of our graduation from the halls of St. Giles School.  45 years?!
Where did the time go?

I'm thinking reunion.  And I'm thinking reunion on Saturday, April 6.  Some of you know that I live in Montana.  As luck would have it, I will be travelling to the Chicago area for a business trip for the week and would love to plan a get together.  It is for entirely selfish reasons that I am targeting that date, as I doubt I will be back in Chicago again in 2019.

Please fill out the  following survey to let me know if you are or are not interested.  It wouldn't hurt my feelings if you wanted to do the reunion at another time and someone else wanted to facilitate the planning,   In any case, HAPPY NEW YEAR  to all you St. Giles Lions.  Hope that it's a good one.

Katie Kenck Seidenschwarz

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1)   Would you able to attend and/or be interested in attending a reunion on April 6, 2019?

2)   Would you be interested in being on the planning committee?

3)   What kind of venue sounds most appealing?

4)   Please add any comments or suggestions below. (For instance, if you have an idea for a venue, etc. )