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Class of 1986 Reunion Attendees

The below individuals have purchased their ticket(s)!
There are 80 people who are attending the reunion!

Saturday Evening at Calavera
Cathy Jorgensen (Martinsen) (+guest)
Patrick Russi (+ guest)
Matthew Hall (+ guest)
Gretchen and Chris Rivers
Marcus Green (+ guest)
David Richardson (+ guest)
Sara Lillevand (+ guest)
Jennifer Solarzano (Williams)
Kristine Humphrey
Noel Ballon
Colleen Hester (Ustach)
Judy Espanto
Tommy Fullove
Carlos Perry
Christi Rinne Brown
Denise Dismuke (Gideon)
John Detwiler (+ guest)
Christine Dieden (Sotelo)
Anne Piinkowski (+ guest)
Rebecca Perata
Kim Beacham (Champion) (+ guest)
Troy Brown (+guest)
Jeff Brainerd
Scott Thompson (+ guest)
Dionne Millet
Clare Courtney
Katrece Avery
Carmen Hill (Boyd) (+ guest)
Matt Wendt
Angie Aquino (+ guest)
David Rusting (+guest)
Alex Bolden
Rodney Filipich
Mark Haley
David Green
Lorez Crenshaw (Bailey)
Gio Welch
Jeff Ferreira
Gillian Sheffer
Steward Carter
Mike Morell
Stan Rinker
Sonia Gideon (Segrest)
Doug Caesare
Monica Dirito
Kathi Dunham-Filson
Brian Bauer (+ guest)
Michael Hall (+ guest)
Rhonda Raineri Diaz (+ guest)
Jennifer Reister Graham (+ guest)
Karen Unruh
Michelle Mahoney
Gregory Jones (+ guest)
Greg Promes
Deric Avila (+ guest)
Felicia Smith (Thomas) (+ guest)
Alisa Douglkas (Knight)
Eric Dutton

*Please note that this list is not dynamic and is updated periodically.