Remember When...?


When the worst thing you could do at school was smoke in the bathrooms, flunk a test or chew gum.

And the banquets were in the cafeteria and we danced to a juke box.



And all the girls wore fluffy pastel gowns and the boys wore sports jackets or suits for the first time and we were allowed to stay out till 12 midnight. 

When a '57 Chevy was everyone's dream car. . . to cruise, peel out, lay rubber and watch drag races.


And people went steady and girls wore a class ring with an inch of wrapped yarn coated with pastel frost nail polish so it would fit her finger. . . or on a chain around her neck to hide it from her parents!

And no one ever asked where the car keys were 'cause they were always in the car, in the ignition, and the doors were never locked. And you got in big trouble if you accidentally locked the doors at home, since no one ever had a key.

Remember lying on your back on the grass with your friends and saying things like "That cloud looks like a..."

And playing baseball with no adults to help kids with the rules of the game. Back then, baseball was not a psychological group learning experience-it was a game.

Remember when stuff from the store came without safety caps and hermetic seals 'cause no one had yet tried to poison a perfect stranger.

And everyone knew about Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, Laurel & Hardy, Howdy Doody and The Peanut Gallery, The Lone Ranger, The Shadow Knows, Nellie Belle, Roy and Dale, Trigger and Buttermilk.

When everyone was familiar with the sound of a real mower on Saturday morning, and summers filled with bike rides, playing in cowboy land, baseball games, bowling and visits to the pool...and eating Kool-Aid powder with sugar.

When being sent to the principal's office was nothing compared to the fate that awaited a misbehaving student at home.

Basically, we were in fear for our lives, but it wasn't because of drive-by shootings, drugs, gangs, etc. Our parents and grandparents were a much bigger threat! But we all survived because their love was greater than the threat.

And...with all our progress...don't you wish...just could slip back in time and savor the slower pace...and share it with the children of today!!!

Didn't that feel good, just to go back and say, Yeah, I remember that!

And was it really that long ago?

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Now ?

 New Toys in 1958
Hula  Hoops

The Hula Hoop® toy is the most popular American toy ever made.  The toy was introduced by Wham-O Manufacturing in 1958.  It cost $1.98.  It was so popular that stores kept running out.  In the first six months, Americans purchased 20 million Hula Hoop® toys.  In 1958, 100 million were sold world wide.  HULA HOOP® originated twirling a hoop around your hips or your knees or even your arms or neck.   HULA HOOP® brand hoops originally came in three swirly colors and three hoop sizes.  How many hoops could you keep going at once?   



 Cost of Living in 1958 

Gallon of Milk                 1.01
Loaf of Bread                  .19
Dozen Eggs                      .86
Postage Stamp                 .04
Hourly Min. Wage           1.01
Gallon of Gas                  .24
DOW Avg.                      583
New Auto                   2,200
New Home                30,000
Average Income         4,650
  Do you remember the Wax Bottles we use to buy in the candy store?

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1958 Movies


- And the Oscar Goes to -
Best Movie : 'Gigi' - Directed by Vicente Minnelli
Best Actor: David Niven - 'Separate Tables'
Best Actress: Susan Hayward - 'I Want to Live'
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Gunsmoke, Rawhide, The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp, Wagon Train, General Electric Theater, Tales of Wells Fargo, The Millionaire, What’s My Line, Dragnet, Maverick, The Ford Show, The Red Skelton Show, American Bandstand – Host: Dick Clark, December Bride, People Are Funny, The Jack Benny Show, The Rifleman, Father Knows Best, The Danny Thomas Show, The Price is Right, Zane Grey Theater, I’ve Got a Secret, Name That Tune, The Gale Storm Show, The Restless Gun, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Sugarfoot, The Lineup, The Loretta Young Show, Wanted: Dead or Alive, Lassie, The Ed Sullivan Show, The Real McCoys, Zorro, Have Gun Will Travel, Perry Mason, The Jackie Gleason Show, The Texan, Cheyenne, Peter Gunn, The Lawman, This Is Your Life, Twenty-One, The $64,000 Question, The Ann Sothern Show, The Perry Como Show, You Bet Your Life, I Love Lucy aired 1951- 1957, returned as The Lucille Ball – Desi Arnaz Show from 1957 - 1960


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