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In Memory

Steven Elms

Steven Elms


The Dallas Morning News - April 13, 1988
Author: The Dallas Morning News (DAL)
Services for Steven Wade Elms, president of Remington Development Co. and former partner in Carlisle Properties of Dallas, will be at 11 a.m. Wednesday at the First Baptist Church in Odessa.

Elms, 27, was killed at 3:10 p.m. Sunday when he was struck by a vehicle while trying to put gasoline in his Jeep Wagoneer, which had stalled on Interstate 635.

He was born Jan. 22, 1961, in Odessa and graduated from Permian High School in 1979. He graduated from the University of Texas in Austin in 1983, where he was a member of the Texas Cowboys and Sigma Nu fraternity.

Elms came to Dallas in 1983 and was a partner in Carlisle Properties until recently. In January 1988, he founded the Remington Development Co. and was president at the time of his death.

He is survived by his parents, Bill G. and Anita Elms of Odessa; two grandmothers, Lorene Elms and Marjorie Childress, both of Odessa; two brothers, Tracy K. Elms of Midland and Clark C. Elms of Memphis, Tenn.; and a sister, Terri Phelps of Austin.

Memorials may be made to the Texas Cowboys-Steve Elms Memorial Fund, Box 7338, Austin, Texas 78713.


(ESA-ELMS) Steven Wade Elms Memorial Scholarship
For a current or entering student from the Midland-Odessa area who has made significant contributions to The University of Texas and/or to the community through charitable and volunteer activities. Applicants should exemplify leadership, entrepreneurship, ambition, and strong ties to family and friends. Financial need will also be considered, and recipients may reapply. ($1,250 /1 recipient)

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08/28/08 05:19 PM #1    

Mark Boren

The biggest waist! This was a tough one for me. I wonder if he were a donor? God I wanted his hair! I tried for hours on end, went to every stylest in town and showed them his picture... And I looked like a "wanna be" Steve, I know that you can read this! Miss ya man, and save me a spot.....

09/01/08 07:49 PM #2    

Tanszy Linville (Bailey)

Thanks for all the wonderful memories at Nimitz and Permian. We had so many good times. You were a good friend and we all really miss you.
Rest in Peace!
Love ya!

09/05/08 06:41 PM #3    

Elizabeth MacLean (Huston)

Steve was my first ever crush... 5th grade style where you chase each other around the playground. I thought he was so cool when he'd utter his famous "GEEE AWWWW". Cindy Rodgers and I would both just giggle and write notes about it later.

Then he went on to Nimitz while I went on to Bonham and seeing him was limited to Jr. Assembly dances 4 times a year and then from the other side of the room (remember how the boys and girls were separated?). Sad to say that by the time we started PHS my fickle young heart had moved on to an older guy, one of my neighbors, class of '78.

Steve was always too cool and fun. He was SO cool he wore thong sandals to school before any of the other guys did and yes, Mark Boren, he did have great hair!

There will always be a soft spot in my heart for Steve for being nice to a plain, shy little 5th grade girl at Dowling Elementary. I wish he was still with us. Miss you, Steve!

Elizabeth MacLean Huston

09/08/08 10:45 PM #4    

Stephanie Edwards (Bothwell)

I remember graduation night....I have one surviving somewhat grainy snapshot. We were herded into the corridors of the coliseum standing in alphabetical order. My parents were there trying to get pictures and I was getting embarrassed by their attention. Steve was standing by (Edwards - Elms) and he smiled and said something like, "Ah c'mon, they just want to take some pictures. Smile for their pictures." I was dumbstruck that he would even speak to me. That was my only ever contact with him, but it was memorable.

The surviving photo is my row walking into the coliseum with him on the end.

11/11/08 06:27 PM #5    

Russell Turner

Wow. When I learned of his passing I was in disbelief. Steve and I begain our friendship after the 7th grade. Steve, Tom (Meek) and I were living in the "club" and because it was too far to town, we spent most of our free time "stealing time away" and became close friends. He made the women swoon and the guys laugh. I remamber him as lead singer (Fantasy Star), tornado survivor, and as best man (Rusty and Xan 1981). His unflappable style and wit are the qualities that we remember most. I am glad he and I spent those years together.

07/03/09 09:11 PM #6    

Kimberly Ayn Terk

Dear Steve,

You and Your mother came to my house in First grade and you asked me to be your girlfriend, you gave me a birthstone ring and a love letter, which I still have.

From that time on... We became best friends. You and I decided to go to UT Austin together. We drove there a hundred times together, to visit and party and just enjoy life.

We would come back to Odeass on weekends.. You to see your girlfriend and me to see my boyfriend...Just on weekends, driving on the night time roadways.. missing the deer and rabbits..Just to get home to Odessa...

Then we were both honored at UT, You as a Cowboy and me as a UT Posse. I never stopped loving you. Talking to you about your life and mine and we never held back our suggestions as to what we thought the other should do. we both got into commercial real estate and both enjoyed our monthly talks and advice.

To this day.. I miss you terribly...

We gave the best Senior Graduation Party ever..
Suds and Sounds!!!!! Wow, what fun!!

It became a legend.. And so are you...

I love you.. Kimberly Terk

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