Survey: Vaccination Experience

Since we are all in the vulnerable age group and becasue we have priority in the queue, your webmaster wonders how many of us accually have been vaccinated.  Perhaps the rest of you are also interested? 

The results will be viewed by all classmates, so if you want your infomation in this regard to be private, just ignore the questions. 



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* Answer Required
1)   * Have you received a COVID-19 vaccination?

  First vaccination only
  Two vaccinations
  No Vaccinations
2)   What kind of setting?

  A City administered School or Municipal building
  A State administered location
  A Doctor's Office
  A Hospital
  A Drug Store Chain
  A smaller Clinic or Urgent Care Center
3)   How did you sign up?

  Via a Website
  By telephone
  By just showing up
  Some other way
4)   Was the process pretty efficient or chaotic?

  So so
5)   How long did you wait in line, once you arrived at your appointment?

  No wait at all
  15 minutes or less
  30 minutes or less
  More than 30 minutes
6)   Please describe your experience for your classmates, if you wish to do so.