Survey: Vaccination Experience

1) Have you received a COVID-19 vaccination?
First vaccination only
    8.8% (3)
Two vaccinations
85.3% (29)    
No Vaccinations
    5.9% (2)
Fill-in responses:
  • Two vaccinations and two boosters (1)
  • booster (1)
  • Total Responses: 34
    2) What kind of setting?
    A City administered School or Municipal building
        15.6% (5)
    A State administered location
        12.5% (4)
    A Doctor's Office
    A Hospital
        25.0% (8)
    A Drug Store Chain
        15.6% (5)
    A smaller Clinic or Urgent Care Center
        9.4% (3)
        21.9% (7)
    Fill-in responses:
  • Veteran's Administration (1)
  • medical center (1)
  • Duke University Alumni Center (1)
  • county run facility (1)
  • County Health dept (1)
  • County (1)
  • City senior center (1)
  • Total Responses: 32
    3) How did you sign up?
    Via a Website
        67.7% (21)
    By telephone
        12.9% (4)
    By just showing up
        6.5% (2)
    Some other way
        12.9% (4)
    Fill-in responses:
  • Medical Staff entirely vaccinated in Dec and Jan (1)
  • employer (1)
  • contacted proactively (1)
  • Contacted by the town health dept. (1)
  • Total Responses: 31
    4) Was the process pretty efficient or chaotic?
    87.1% (27)    
        3.2% (1)
    So so
        9.7% (3)
    Total Responses: 31
    5) How long did you wait in line, once you arrived at your appointment?
    No wait at all
        29.0% (9)
    15 minutes or less
        38.7% (12)
    30 minutes or less
        12.9% (4)
    More than 30 minutes
        19.4% (6)
    Total Responses: 31
    6) Please describe your experience for your classmates, if you wish to do so.
    In NYC, if you were fast, you could snag one of the earlier appointments on the website. But you had to be fast in order to sign up during the first month of availability. NYC beat NY State during the first few days. Now, Walgreens and CVS have available appointments, and the major hospitals, too, for those who have registered with their systems. Pretty good experience, according to this observer.
    very organized...staff circulated and advisied patients of the process, general “chitchat to relax patients, offering water and then escorting patients through the process. Parking was easy and patients were asked to stay in their car until their time slot was called. I momentarily considered selling my place in line to a wealthy Floridian for $5,000.
    Received vaccine at Nassau University Medical Center (NUMC) in East Meadow. The first shot was poorly organized and took close to 4 hours on a Wednesday evening even with an appointment. The second dose was more organized at 7:00 am on a Wednesday and took about 30 minutes (including the 1 minute reaction wait).
    Easy and efficient. Minimal side effects. Sore arm and tired.
    We were delighted to get each shot. Even though our behavior will probably change very little until we know more, getting vaccinated brought optimism. No doubt I share this sentiment with many if not all of you. The process was smooth and the site well staffed. The only adverse reaction we had with each of the shots was a sore arm for a day or two.
    Went to VA, who was the first of four places to offer the vaccine. Process took a while as it was mostly inside at one of their satelite locations where they administered several hundred doses in an afternoon. Returnng for second dose Mar 10th.
    I was vaccinated as part of my employment as a physician provider in a University Hospital. I am also a volunteer vaccinator at the MA Vaccination site at Berkshire Community College in Pittsfield, MA
    very well run appointment was made via website lots of volunteers, nat'l guard first was slightly chaotic due to first timers second took 5 minutes sore arm next day, but no other symptoms cynic though i am, i feel so much better about future now
    I received the Moderna vaccine at City College of San Francisco. The site was managed by UCSF. All shots were given in your car. It was very efficient and we were out in no time.
    I was fortunate to have been able to set up an appointment in a pharmacy at a grocery chain store. I have received both shots. Undecided about the booster.
    Easy experience but had to drive 90 minutes each way to site. Rather severe reaction to second shot. Lasted about 24 hours. All good after that.
    My vaccine experience took place in Grenoble, France, where the minimum age requirement was 75. I got my vaccine not because I was already 75 - I was a few days shy of it - but because I work as a health care provider. With only a sore arm that lasted a day or so both times, I felt extremely lucky for the opportunity to be vaccinated!! Almost right away, I realized that I could now travel. So I booked a trip to see my family in NY and LA, where I am right now!!! Travel during the pandemic is not easy. The airline I flew, Delta, did an excellent job of staggering passengers, though the flight was under-filled. In all I took COVID tests to fly, three before departing, two once I've arrived in NY, and will take another before getting on the plane for LA in a few days!! I hope that all of you have remained safe and healthy throughout the pandemic, your families as well. I wish you a positive vaccine test.
    First shot done nearby hardly any wait. Second shot further away chaos
    It was a wonderful experience in every way. I had a sore arm and felt tired the next day and since then I’ve been fine.
    This was as easy and as simple as you possibly could imagine
    Vaccine at a County Park near our home. We went at 5AM, the Park opened at 7, and we were finished at 8AM. National Guard directed traffic, and registered Nurses administered the vaccine. Very professional. Fort Lauderdale gets 5 Stars! I did not have any reaction to the Pfizer vaccine, both times.
    Very simple. Everything went smoothly. No problems. My appointment was set up by my employer. My wife had trouble getting appointment online but finally was able to receive one from through the health department. Florida tried using Publix to make appointments but they turned out to be a disaster and handled things very poorly.
    Like most areas I suspect, The state and counties were slow to get started with vagueness and mild confusion being the norm. Some counties took personal health conditions within age phases into account in their triage. My county did not. It was strictly by the order of sign up within age group. However, once signed up it was about four weeks before we were notified to present ourselves for the first of the two Phizer vaccines. The experience was streamlined, efficient and safe. Start to finish, including 15 minutes of post vaccination observation, was 35 minutes. The second vaccination was even smoother as they worked their way into the process. We anticipate having a reaction to the second vaccination to the point of putting our dog in a kennel for two nights. We had NO Reaction. We are now in the two week waiting period transforming from hermits to humans.
    Hoping everyone can have as easy a time with the vaccines as we did! After second shot we experienced achy arms around injection site for 24 hrs or so but no other symptoms! Hope it goes that easily for all... definitely worth it for this protection!!
    Remarkable. Drive thru at Cedars multi-level parking structure with guides directing cars to vaccination stations with doctors, nurses, technicians and assistants taking information, administering shots, monitoring the vaccinated and sending you on you way in forty five minutes from the time we got in a line with at least 100 cars in front of us and I don't know how many more were already at the vaccination stations. The planning and execution, the coordination of men and material, would have made Eisenhower proud. The shot was no big deal. Seeing and being a part of this community of patients and providers, of them dedicated to the common goal of protecting and preserving all of us. . . . that's (to quote our President) "a big f'n deal!
    The process was very simple and fast. We registered on line for the shots and were called two days later with appointments. We had the second shot of Pfizer on February 2nd. Both shots were administered by public health nurses who were assisted by the national guard in the parking lot of a closed public school in Augusta, Ga. while we were in our car. Our arms were very sore for twenty four hours after the first shot but not the second. After the second shot we were very tired for 24 hours. Georgia has it's act together on this! It's too bad there weren't Federal programs for all of the states to follow developed months before the vaccines were approved.
    Easy and liberating!
    This experience has been a real game changer in my life. As a retired nurse, and founder /leader of a large retired nurses group, it was difficult to watch the active nurses working their “fingers to the bone” during this time. Thinking that they could use the help... and we could provide the support, I set out to change the licensing laws. After a heart felt battle, I was able to accomplish my goal enabling any previously held license, regardless of state of origin, to become activated for the purpose of vaccinating. This subsequently set the stage for other states to follow suit. About 60 of us have been out in the greater Tucson area, vaccinating at various sites and in home visits. Wearing our Rosie the Riveter style shirts we have become a force admired by many and especially in our own lives. It has been so incredibly fulfilling to have awakened our calling, and to once again care for our community.
    Very easy. The senior center is a 10 minute walk. All were pleasant and efficient, even more so for 2nd dose.
    Took us six hours of calling from two cell phones to get through to make an appointment through our Duke My Chart. Once we got through it only took a few days before we got in for our shots. Those who called a few hours after us were unable to get appointments for several weeks after us. The site was well organized, with competent people administering shots and safety guidelines in place. We received our first shot the end of February and things have greatly improved since then in the Raleigh Durham area.
    I felt incredibly fortunate to receive the vaccine. I never would have thought there would be so many not taking it and putting us and them at risk!!! I already signed up for the booster!!!
    It was well worth the wait. The second shot was less wait for the kinks in the process were worked out. I had to wait 90 days for I had already the virus.
    Quick, efficient, professional and surprisingly well organized. The operation at Camden County College was well planned, well staffed and everyone was there to get the job done in a professional and compassionate way. It could not have gone smoother for us.
    My wife signed me up for the first vaccine at a location 70 miles from us. I got the moderna vaccine. There were no extra shots for her. But they let her come the next day for her shot. This was repeated for the second shot. For the booster, we got it at our local Safeway.
    Total Responses: 29