Missing Classmates

If you can help us find our missing classmates, please contact us.

Recent Reunion Invitation Returns & Bounced Email

  • Dan Jeffries: EMAIL Bounced (was: fdjeff43@amplex.net )
  • Dan Fisher: EMAIL Bounced (dfisher@Utoledo.edu)
  • Ron McAtee: EMAIL Bounced (was:  macnjack@tampabayrr.com)
  • Mike Vogel: USPS Mail Bounce
  • Jill Gillespie Konst: EMAIL Bounced (was: jillandtom1848@aol.com)
  • Rita Ball Wesenberg: EMAIL Bounced (was: rwesenberg@hotmail.com )
  • Wanda Gallaher Rice: EMAIL Bounced (was: wrrice460@bex.com )
  • Barb Schweitzer Badowski: EMAIL Bounced (was: bjbado34@cox.net)
  • Bill Klickman: EMAIL Bounced (was: klickman@verizon.net)
  • Marty Farkas: USPS Mail Bounced

If you know the phone, email address, or Facebook address for any of the classmates listed below, please let them know about our website and encourage them to log in and update their profile.  They can update their info right here at: ( www.clayeagles62.com/ ) or call one of the contact numbers at the top of this page.

Jim Barnes
Carol Jean Carder
Marty Farkas
Lynda Gruenwald
Alma Hawn
Pat Herrick (Thompson)
Stan Lipinski
Jim Morgan
Amy Smith
Nancy Smith
Karen Staeger (McClaskey)
Edna Toms
John Toth
Michael N Vogel

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