Stephen C. Roth

Profile Updated: March 23, 2019
Residing In: Salt Lake City, UT USA
Spouse/Partner: too many.
Occupation? If retired, from what profession: Finally, I'm fully retired. But, I live in Utah where outdoor fun is right outside my door.
Children: Two. Daughter, Madeline Diane Roth, who is a political consultant in Portland OR.
Son, Stewart More…Samuel Roth, working as a driver for two different trucking firms. He loves his jobs.
Military Service: USN  
Spouse's Occupation:

None have updated me. I find this a bit dismissive. Oh well...

Comments: What have you been up to the last 50+ years?

After a miserable stint at SMN I actually managed to graduate. Some of you may know that story and some may not. But, I went into the Navy, got out of that scam as quickly as possible and snuck into the University of Kansas "..On triple, secret, probation...". Managed to graduate from KU with a degree in Nursing followed by a Masters in Public Administration. For some reason, my overall IQ and interest in life seemed to increase during my Masters program and I got on with doing the best I could with living and trying to enjoy life. For me, the key has been spending a life after high school working in health care. That decision saved my bacon. I have held many different positions as an RN, working in many clinical settings. Most recently and currently with former Uranium miners who suffer their own terrible "cold war" with lung disease incurred as a miner or nuclear worker. I will probably continue to try and help these patients until my body says, you simply have to stop. My family was German. My dad taught me how to work and never, never give up.
The very, very best event in my life to date are my two children. What a joy-still!!!

School Story:

I was the guy that stuck gum in Mr. Hemphill's door lock just prior to one of his deadly history classes. I thought Ron Boltz was making love to a goat, he was so doubled over, perhaps just from laughing. Even Mr. Hemphill managed a slight, very slight smirk.
Actually, with a fair number of distractions and trout fishing I've managed to forget a lot about high school! Success at last. Two HS friends who helped me come through that period are no longer with us but they remain in my heart: Mike Lewis and Roy Frost.
Mike introduced me to jazz, the blues and his wonderful family-I still miss him and re-live many of our times listening to Jimmy Reed or Count Basie, etc., on an ancient record player.
Roy is a story unto himself. Those of us who knew him can count ourselves very lucky, those of you who didn't missed someone very special, and very, very funny. I last spoke with him the night the lights went out in NYC-where he was living when I called him up. But hey, none of us are gonna get out of this standing up. Some just left too early.

What do you do in your spare time?

Do photography, watch the women (young ones wave, probably at the guy behind me,) read-read-read, limit my intake of our political armageddon, and try to avoid close female ties. That has proven to be remarkably easy to accomplish

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