Susana Daniel

Profile Updated: February 8, 2012
Susana Daniel
Residing In: Pedro Miguel Corregimiento de Ancon Panama
Children: Nekelda 1977, Osvaldo 1980, Gilberto 1983, Leonel 1985, Shanica 1987, Horacio 1984. Raiza 1993 (adopted) More…15 lovely grans

Yes! Attending Reunion

School Story:

What an exciting moment when we all left Paraiso High School, to make important decisions. We put a lot of fun into give-and take of our owen decisions. I never expressed my enjoys to be with everyone when we were at school. I remember we all respect one another’s abilities (I ‘m speaking from my experience some happy, some sad) Thanks to our parents and teacher we have benefit from them.

I got married in 1976 with Osvaldo Villarreal (divorce) then I got my second partner Horacio Moreno (separated) I have six lovely kids; I adopted one more, they all adults today, I have 15 wonderful grandkids. What a privilege and awesome responsibility to be our kids parents and to be a grand parents.

When I look at everyone in this web-side it brings back good memories to me. Congratulations and may God bless them all who put together these reunions. I’m sure that all of us will be very happy to see and meet each other again. I’m looking forward to see you all in 2010 reunion in Panama. Susana