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So what do we do about this massive ongoing treason and corruption throughout all levels of government and society? Things we've trusted before can no longer be trusted, e.g., the media, the political parties, the clergy, physicians, the intelligence agencies, our communications, Congress, the courts, the DOJ, the FBI, the elections, and sometimes our friends and family. We must trust ourselves and turn inward for solutions. Don't worry, they're there. Look inside yourself and find your will to live -- your survival instinct -- and build on it. That's called your God-given unalienable right to life. Our Founding Fathers formally recognized that right, and others, as collectively belonging to We the People. They also realized that along with our unalienable rights came our unalienable responsibilities to defend and administer those rights, or we would perish.

The independent individual operative can be the most powerful or the weakest force in a conflict. There are already enough of We the People who know all we need to know to do what we must do. Majorities aren't needed to save ourselves, others, and our Constitutional Republic. We have millions -- our ancestors had 3%. They were similarly hampered by royalists, pacifists, cowards, and morons. Carefully associate ad hoc with others as necessary, but your and our success will depend on YOUR abilities, opportunities, courage, aggression, and faith. The mission is the same as our Founding Fathers: To defend and administer our God-given unalienable rights by any and all means necessary. We the People must first WORK to secure our liberty by intense law enforcement of the US Criminal Code and immediately arrest and imprison the domestic enemy insurgents while maintaining a strong national defense and the continuity of lawful government. They have infiltrated and subverted our federal and state political systems, executive branches, and courts, and are fundamentally changing -- overthrowing and destroying -- America. If our laws can't be enforced, then those domestic enemies must be viewed as unlawful enemy combatants who are waging a war of destruction against us. They are without Constitutional rights and are subject only to the law of warfare administered by military tribunals loyal to We the People. If there are no tribunals, then they are subject to Natural Law administered by us. It will be difficult, but that does not excuse us from WORKING to make it happen.

Most of us already know all we need to know to do what we must do, and that generally means quickly escalating our personal confrontations against communists, covidians, muslims, banking crime syndicate members, and invaders until they are defeated and our liberty and nation are secure. This does not require permission, organization, elaborate planning, conventions, elections, or any other delaying and cowardly substitutes for action that give America's enemies more time to "fundamentally change," bleed, and destroy us. We also must not start new parties, or support or rehabilitate current ones. George Washington opposed parties in his Farewell Address because he knew they would turn into self-serving gangs that ignore Constitutional principles and loot and destroy our Republic -- as we see today. Clearly, We the People physically enforcing Constitutional and Christian principles comprise an enormously powerful leaderless resistance of millions of one-man cells that can't be infiltrated, diverted, or defeated.

Even though we are far, far beyond political, legislative, judicial, and executive solutions, there must be no revolution, civil war, insurrection, or secession to accomplish this, because Russia and China would most certainly seize on the resulting instability and destroy us. Securing our liberty will be brutal, like all defenses of liberty. The specific tactics are infinite, confidential, and largely leaderless. If you wait to be led, you're dead. Time is short. We will only win on offense using a fierce mindset. Escalate until you prevail. Pray for courage, fight asymmetrically, and win decisively. It's now up to you, and other boomers. Saddle up, or lose the ranch.

Ernest Huber

Ernest Huber is a retired Naval officer. He graduated from Gonzaga University and Gonzaga Law School, and was an Army military intelligence officer, counter-terrorism watch commander, GOP area chair, and Congressional candidate. He also hates God's enemies with a perfect hatred, per Psalm 139:21-22.

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It’s We The People Against The Morlocks – Saddle up

About fifty years ago I was a young Air Force enlisted Intelligence Operations Specialist assigned as a resistance training instructor at the Air Force Survival School at Fairchild AFB. I taught aircrew members, special operations personnel, and other government employees how to resist enemy interrogation and political indoctrination if they were captured. I thoroughly studied communist doctrine, classified materials, prior POW experiences, and the dossiers of Russian, Chinese, North Korean, and North Vietnamese interrogators and political officers. I became a prodigy bad guy so I could teach and inoculate the good guys.

Sadly, I later saw some of my former students being dragged through the streets of Hanoi on their way to years of imprisonment, torture, and worse, in North Vietnam, China, and the Soviet Union. The POW/MIA flags have special meaning for me. One of the first corporations I started was to help the families of POWs and MIAs.

I excelled as an instructor and took hundreds of men to and from their breaking points in interrogations, making them stronger and better warriors under the Code of Conduct. I also became expert at portraying a communist political indoctrination officer for thousands of students in our mockup enemy POW camp. Most of the students, and some CIA visitors, had never been exposed up close and personal to the enemy brainwashing, thought reform, and self-criticism techniques, and were stunned by them. Those techniques are now being used to destroy our critical thinking, military, and nation.

On May 14, Lt Col Matthew Lohmeier of the U.S. Space Force was relieved of his command for opposing the communist indoctrination of OUR military. On May 4, the U.S. Army used a lesbian wedding as part of a recruitment video. The CIA has been running similar woke (enemy) recruiting propaganda ads for years, and its former Director Brennan supported the communist Gus Hall for President. It is axiomatic that the weaker a nation becomes, the more vulnerable it is to attack. So why should our military fight their brother communist gangsters? Oh yes, please ignore that China's communist gangsters have ordered a 25% INCREASE in their population, that you never see any white, black, or brown faces in any photos of Chinese society, and that you would only see Chinese faces if they conquered the United States.

"If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may be even a worse fate, you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves." Sir Winston Churchill

The Pharisee communist Leon Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) lived in New York City before he slithered into Russia to run the Red Army, enabled by political officers, that slaughtered millions of Russians. The opposing White Army lost. I’m sure Lt Col Lohmeier shares my view that we’re seeing Red Army 2.0 being attempted here. Those responsible must be quickly stopped by any and all means necessary.

Some insights: evil people, mass destruction, and genocide result when good men and women do nothing to stop it; wokeness, cancel culture, COVID-19 medical malpractitioners, etc., are part of the archetype/total war against our Constitutional Repubic, Western civilization, and Christendom; soy boys, leftists, or LGBTQueers cannot be relied on as military members, public servants, or elected officials; and, proactive self-defense is a free people's absolute right and duty under Natural Law.

“The history of failure in war, or in any other human endeavor, can almost be summed up in two words: Too late. Too late in comprehending the deadly purpose of a potential enemy. Too late in realizing the mortal danger. Too late in preparedness. Too late in uniting all possible forces for resistance.” General Douglas MacArthur

Prepping is fine, but We the People will only win on offense.

Ernest Huber

Ernest Huber is a retired Naval officer. He graduated from Gonzaga University and Gonzaga Law School, and was an Army military intelligence officer, counter-terrorism watch commander, GOP area chair, and Congressional candidate. He also hates God's enemies with a perfect hatred, per Psalm 139:21-22.

Aug 21, 2021 at 5:07 PM

The Needs of the Many

Over forty years ago a CIA Chief of Station and I were made unofficial members of Nigeria’s ruling tribe by its tribal officials. The officials were also military intelligence officers of that nation. They were graduates of RMA Sandhurst (the UK’s West Point), very articulate, highly professional, and proudly wore tribal facial scars. Some of them became my friends. I asked one of the officers, a tribal prince, why we never saw him or his cadre associating with American blacks. His answer was stunning.

The prince said his ruling tribe centuries ago found the current black Americans’ ancestors, also of his race, to be completely unassimilable, banished them into slavery where they became quite burdensome, then sold them to Pharisee and Moslem slave traders who sent many slaves as long-term destructive leaven to our new Christian nation. So the prince and his cadre shunned them. He was amused and appalled that the West had yet to learn what his tribe had known for centuries – that a nation’s survival depends on citizen assimilation. Colloquially: “Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many [nation] outweigh the needs of the few.” - Spock

But we have been ignoring history, logic, and the needs of the many. We have disregarded our fratricidal Civil War, $trillions thrown down enslaving “equality/poverty” rabbit holes, massively disproportionate black on white crime rates, a black communist President, ad nauseam. Thomas Jefferson early realized the insurmountable obstacles to assimilating slaves and he wanted to repatriate them to Africa. That never happened, and the rest has been a moronic repeat of history for all concerned. Per Hegel -- assuming all other things being equal -- everyone and everything gets degraded because the Master has authority without responsibility, and the Slave has responsibility without authority.

But things are not equal, never have been, and never will be. There is an 800-pound gorilla in the corner that won’t go away. The typical American black still scores below 75 percent of American whites on almost every standardized intelligence test. The literature on this topic is vast and varied, but it begs the question of whether the unassimilable, whether they are imported black slaves, invaders, or anyone else, could support, sustain, and advance our Western civilization that has, as a rule, blessed humanity for thousands of years. What would be the natural and probable consequences for the world if millennia of meritocracy was abandoned for meaningless “racial justice,” free stuff, and chaos to temporarily assuage the enemy’s white guilt propaganda and stop the enemy’s name calling? It would dumb us down, devolve, and destroy us.

The BLM, Antifa, China, Muslims, Pharisees, communists and others overthrowing our federal and state governments use race-baiting propaganda to shame, pacify, and defeat American citizens who support, sustain, and advance our lives, families, Constitutional Republic, Western civilization, Christendom, and Natural Law.

Now, let’s cut to the chase. Fact: Western civilization is, and has been for millennia, overwhelmingly populated and led by white, Christian, heterosexuals and has never been militarily conquered. In response to similar obstacles deadly guys like the Chinese General Sun Tzu strategized in The Art of War (3.2, c. 500 BC): “Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting.” Fact: The enemy’s constant acts of war to break our will to resist by psyops defaming the white race is predictably causing guilt, pacifism, and surrender throughout Western civilization’s society, government, and military. The enemy spews propaganda such as Critical Race Theory, systemic racism, hate speech/crimes, diversity, voter suppression, white privilege, white supremacy, and Black Lives Matter. Fact: The natural and probable consequence of these unopposed acts of war is Maoist self-criticism, the enemy’s conquest of Western civilization without firing a shot, and billions of murders.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said, “Human beings are born with different capacities. If they are free, they are not equal. And if they are equal, they are not free.” He spent eight years as a slave in a Soviet gulag concentration camp. Classless society equality, total security, perfect health, and ideal climate have been Marxist Trojan horses ridden by those psychopaths and their lackeys to commit massive crimes against humanity. The horses and riders must be gelded.

“And I looked, and rose up, and said unto the nobles, and to the rulers, and to the rest of the people, Be not ye afraid of them: remember the Lord, which is great and terrible, and fight for your brethren, your sons, and your daughters, your wives, and your houses.” Nehemiah 4:14

Paradoxically, the needs of the many (the world) now depend on the needs of the few (We the People).

Ernest Huber

Ernest Huber is a retired Naval officer. He graduated from Gonzaga University and Gonzaga Law School, and was an Army military intelligence officer, counter-terrorism watch commander, GOP area chair, and Congressional candidate. He also hates God's enemies with a perfect hatred, per Psalm 139:21-22.

Aug 21, 2021 at 5:06 PM

What’s Love Got To Do With It? Plenty.

Decades ago while going to law school I worked as a forensic psychologist for a court psychiatrist. I did sanity evaluations of hospitalized or incarcerated defendants, including murderers. Imagine everyone’s surprise when I reported that most of them were quite sane when they committed their crimes, but had malingered insanity to avoid severe punishment. Most lacked empathy and consciences, were naturally expert at manipulation and image crafting, sought power over others, but definitely knew right from wrong. They had antisocial personality disorders (psychopathic), or narcissistic personality disorders (sociopathic). They shared common etiologies of severe trauma, or neglect, or both, in early childhood that caused them to reflexively and permanently neurally bypass and rewire parts of their brains. They were generally irremediable, and also incapable of giving and receiving perfecting love.

Years later as an Army intelligence interrogation officer I found one of the easiest ways to break and exploit someone was to create transient personality disorders by controlling the information they received and degrading them mentally, physically, and spiritually thereby depleting them of their self-love, will to resist, and survival instinct. Over decades, the effects of those same techniques being used on a massive scale are seen in Antifa, BLM, LGBT, government employees, elected officials – and “average” citizens. A social psychiatrist and I agreed that such loveless personality disorders, and other behaviors, could be created through long-term conditioning, behavior modification, and shaping by mass media personnel. Consequently, the form and the substance of ALL media must be examined and filtered -- it’s still garbage in, garbage out. The bad guys play chess while the good guys play checkers. This does not bode well for our nation, especially the younger generations. America’s survival requires most of us to love ourselves and others, and to give and receive that perfecting love, or we go into a death spiral.

I have also formally war gamed as a Naval intelligence officer whether mass media personnel could cause the destruction of our nation, and concluded they could. People continuously indoctrinated by TV, movies, video games, iPhones, print and social media by degrading, nonproductive, and self-destructive role models and behaviors will be socially pressured and inclined to identify with and mimic those failing behaviors. After many years of failure, they will develop a very negative self-concept and loss of self-love, partially bypass and rewire themselves to avoid the pain of their failures, and eventually slip into borderline or full personality disorder and be easily exploited. There is hope for many…if they can learn to love themselves to reclaim their humanity, and help preserve their own lives, families, and nation. So what do we do about it?

There is only destruction in failing to overcome yourself, rejecting your nature, rationalizing that failure, and violently projecting it on others because their successes expose your failed life. The media of indoctrination, addiction, and failure must first be removed from our lives by simply turning it off. That will be hard for many, because they’ve become depraved by it and enslaved to it. Fortunately, most still have some free will. Those who can must then focus the rest of their lives on reassessing, reprogramming, and rebuilding themselves by, among other efforts, reading and reflecting upon the truths of objective reality found in classics that impart knowledge, wisdom, virtue, success, Natural Law, and perfecting self-love. They should start with Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, the Bible, Augustine, Aquinas, and a good dictionary. But understand that this eventual enlightenment is a two-edged sword: It will make them love and do what is good, bringing great peace and joy, but it will also cause them to justifiably hate, fight, and neutralize those trying to destroy our survival archetypes and us.

They will begin to automatically, instinctively, and strongly oppose anything that degrades Natural Law, whether it’s in religion, politics, legislation, adjudication, administration, media, technology, national defense, education, relationships, or medicine. Examples of Natural Law violations abound: Genocide, crime, mind-rotting media, artificial intelligence, transhumanism, transgenderism, private central banking, tyrannical Trojan horses (perfect equality, perfect safety, perfect health, perfect climate), Global Reset, Critical Race Theory, cancel culture, Marxist and anarchist communism, satanism, phariseeism, abortion, addictions, sexual perversion, de facto medical martial law (fake tests, fake deaths, fake vaccines, dehumanizing and asphyxiating face diapers, slave sheep distancing, nation-conquering lockdowns), not prosecuting traitors, not repelling and removing invaders, overthrowing our lawful government, pacifist theology, dumbing down and destructively indoctrinating students, and countless other violations of our God-given unalienable rights and responsibilities.

This journey will require more will, effort, and courage than they ever thought they had, but many will succeed in varying degrees, or be trapped in subhumanity. Those who prevail will finally love themselves with perfecting love, and be secure enough to love others, and deserve being loved. The Truth will set you free, but you must first acquire it, then be bound by it, act on it, and live it. Saddle up – the battle awaits. “In valor there is hope.” – Tacitus

With love,

Ernest Huber

Ernest Huber is a graduate of Gonzaga University and Gonzaga Law School, and a retired Naval officer. He was a military intelligence officer, counter-terrorism watch commander, GOP regional chair, and Congressional candidate. He also hates God's enemies with a perfect hatred, per Psalm 139:21-22.

Aug 21, 2021 at 5:05 PM

A True Sea Story About Love, Broken Hearts, and No Closure

In the winter of 1983, having been deployed with my ship to the Western Pacific, I stood with my men inside an orphanage in Seoul, South Korea. It was cold, dimly lit, and smelled of kerosene lamps and charcoal cooking fires. A cute ten-year-old little girl with sniffles, ragged clothes, and sooty face looked up at me and in broken English sang “Silent Night.” Then I sang to her. Remembering my foster homes, I held her and silently cried. Her name was Una.

I returned to that orphanage several times to visit Una, and take her on much needed shopping trips, always accompanied by a young lady chaperone. Una’s knowledge of that huge and complex city was amazing, and she would delight in taking my hand and leading me easily through the endless maze of streets, alleys, and shops. Our mutual fondness grew.

Seoul was not a normal port of call. It was a city where all police carried M-16s with safeties off, fingers on the triggers, and would shoot for any reason. All bridges had manned machinegun emplacements. The North Koreans were sending mini-subs to sink our moored ships, so the Navy spent a lot of time underway. One of my jobs was to direct allied amphibious landings on to North Korean beaches. South Korean streets were very long and wide for good reason as I found out while window shopping one day. I turned and suddenly saw no one on the normally packed sidewalks. Then I heard the roar and saw fighter jets flying past me about one hundred feet above the street. I was sure WWIII had just started, but then a nice older woman appeared out of nowhere, tugged my sleeve to follow her down a long escalator into a massive underground Seoul and was told it was a normal attack drill. I later learned that many North Korean POW camps for South Koreans were to be made by encircling towns and starving the inhabitants to death. That included Una’s city, and I could not leave her there.

One day I took her to the Seoul Tower, similar to our Space Needle. Our chaperone wasn’t a very good interpreter, so I asked one of the Tower guides to interpret for Una and me. By that time a crowd had gathered around us because I was wearing my officer’s uniform. I knelt beside Una and told her that I loved her and wanted to adopt her as my daughter, she replied that she also loved me and also wanted to be my daughter. We hugged and cried joyfully. The interpreter cried, and the many people around us who heard the interpretation also cried – and applauded. What a wonderful day that was.

Una and I later went to the United States Embassy to get the paperwork started. My ship had to leave but returned two weeks later. I headed straight for the orphanage and Una. The chaperone met me at the gate with bad news. She said that Una was not an orphan, and that the facility was not an orphanage. Una had parents, and the orphanage was a scam run by the Korean mafia to defraud massive amounts of sympathy money and material from the US military. She said the Seoul police were being bribed and that the only way to stop the criminals would be through massive media exposure. I told her I didn’t care, because I intended to adopt Una anyway. She said she would send Una out, but thought this would be the last time I would see her. Una then came running to me crying. We hugged and she put her prized possession in my hand: a small porcelain figurine of a little girl and her puppy. We cried grievously, pledged our love, then she ran back into the “orphanage.”

The Seoul Chief of Police, Korean Americans, others, and I later tried to find her, but we couldn't. She had simply disappeared, and I never saw Una again. Una’s figurine has been on my desk ever since she gave it to me over thirty-eight years ago. It always looks at me.

Ernest Huber

Ernest Huber is a retired Naval officer. He graduated from Gonzaga University and Gonzaga Law School, and was an Army military intelligence officer, counter-terrorism watch commander, GOP area chair, and Congressional candidate. He also hates God's enemies with a perfect hatred, per Psalm 139:21-22.

Aug 21, 2021 at 5:03 PM


About forty years ago my ship and squadron transited from San Diego to Anchorage, Alaska. The Navy League sponsored a welcoming dinner for officers at the country club. League members in their cars lined up at our brow to take us to the club. My turn came and a black Mercedes awaited. A tall, distinguished older man got out, introduced himself as Jack, said he had just retired, then opened the right rear passenger door for me. Jack's wife Elizabeth was sitting in the front passenger seat. We all chatted en route to the club. Jack turned to speak with me as he drove, and inadvertently crossed the centerline. A large semi truck was quickly approaching, I dove over the seat, spun the wheel to the right, and the semi missed us by inches. Elizabeth fainted, but we were all okay. That was the start of a long friendship.

At the club Jack wanted me to dine with them. Several commanding officers came over to our table and tried to chat with Jack, but he dismissed them and continued talking with me. I told him about the nearly disastrous main space fire we had in the Gulf of Alaska, and how calmly and professionally my bridge watchstanders had performed during the emergency. Dinner finished, they drove me back to my ship, and invited me to accompany them to Elmendorf AFB for Memorial Day events the next day.

At Elmendorf I was in charge of the Navy contingent presenting colors. Jack and Elizabeth sat in the front row and they saved me a seat. The Base Commander and Master of Ceremonies then said he was honored to present the guest speaker, 16th U.S. Coast Guard Commandant and member of President Carter's Joint Chiefs of Staff, retired Admiral John "Jack" Hayes! I was stunned. Jack and Elizabeth hadn't given me a clue of their full identities. Jack smiled at me, strode to the podium, and was most eloquent.

Ten years later I was setting up and training one of the first joint operations counter-terrorism centers, and was frequently visited by Coast Guard junior admirals who started to interfere with my operations. I enlarged a photo of Jack, Elizabeth, and me and taped it to the third inner security door of my center. When the admirals next visited they asked if I knew Admiral Hayes. I told them we were friends. The senior admiral quickly said, "Carry on, Commander." I never saw them again.

Admiral John Briggs "Jack" Hayes was in Florida on January 17, 2001, when he was struck and killed by a car. He was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetary on January 31, 2001. Fair winds and following seas, Sir.

Ernest Huber

Ernest Huber is a retired Naval officer. He graduated from Gonzaga University and Gonzaga Law School, and was a military intelligence officer, counter-terrorism watch commander, GOP area chair, and Congressional candidate. He also hates God's enemies with a perfect hatred, per Psalm 139:21-22.

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The Vails lived a block away from us on Margaret Street in the 1950s.  They were struggling.  Then they went into warp drive with LW Vail Construction and the rest is a grand history.  Val and I were Facebook friends.  May God comfort, bless, and protect his family.  Rest in peace, Val.  You got to ride Wildfire:

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Floyd Cramer - "Flip, Flop And Bop"

Instrumental. Record album from 1960.