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I turned 70 in July of 2013. It got me thinking about all the people in my life. So I made a list of 70 people who were influential in my life. On my list there are friends I've known though all my years of schooling, favorite teachers, Boy Scout leaders, business leaders, people I worked with, friends I made as an adult, friends I met through our mutual interests in lighthouses, pastors and more.

If you've reached this website, you are probably on my list of 70 People Who Made A DIfference in My Life and are checking in as a result of receiving my special brochure that included the URL.

Please give me a few more weeks to complete this website. Eventually, it will allow those on the list who are still living (about 50) to read more about why I selected them for my list. When completed, this website will require a password to view these pages so that only those people will be able to view those special pages.

I will contact you and invite you to visit this website when it is complete.

If you'd like to provide me with your email address, click on the Contact Webmaster link.

John Chidester