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Laurie Mainwaring

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07/09/11 11:32 AM #1    

Jim Packwood

 Sophmore english. First Semester. Teacher = Suzanne Brigham.  It was Mrs. Brigham's first year at PHS, and her first teaching job.  The big deal of the semester was Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew".  As you all remember, Laurie was an extremely outgoing larger than life personality who always wanted to be an entertainer. (Remember "Skits" our Freshman year?).   At any rate,  Mrs Brigham decided that we should read the play out loud.  Fine.  She asked for volunteers.  Laurie jumped at the chance to play Katherine.  Of course no guy in their right mind was going to volunteer for any of the male parts.  And so Mrs. Brigham assigned roles.  Guess who was assigned Petruchio?  I was trying to fly as low under the radar as was humanly possible in those days, and the thought of trying to "Act" in front of the class terrified me.  Laurie was wonderful; I was not.  I transferred to Miss Fawke's class the next semester.  I got to know Laurie better after she was transferred to Anna Head.  I never did find out if she pursued the "Acting Bug", but I hope she did.  She sure made an impression on me!!

09/11/11 05:00 PM #2    

Kathy Hansen (Lapham)

Laurie and I were very close friends freshman and sophmore year.  I don't remember having any classes with her but I remember many other things.  She was a bigger than life personality and such fun to be around.  Her stage talent was amazing and I was so proud of her performance and ease at being in front of an audience particularly the skit/talent show (what was it called?) our freshman year.  Outside of school I spent many weekends with her and her family on their house boat at Bethel Island where I learned to water ski.  We lost touch with each other after she went to Anna Heads.  In 2001 I phoned her on one of my trips to Calif and she jumped at the chance to get together.  We had a great visit, I met her daughter, and it didn't take long to learn of her passion for horses.  We were quickly in the car headed to the barn.  I don't know what exactly happened in her life but during that visit I sensed a current of unhappiness.  There had been some bumpy spots, maybe too many.  I believe she passed away in 2006.  I will miss seeing her again and will always remember the fun we had.  

09/21/11 05:47 PM #3    

Heidi Beedy (Scott)

My special memory of Laurie took place during our 8th grade year.  At the time I was in a shy period and particularly admired her outgoing manner.  From the comments of others, I can see that she developed into a blooming actress; I can see why.  Laurie went out of her way to be kind to me, and as a consequence, I became friendlier with others.  She opened the door, and I entered leaving the crippling shyness behind.  I lost touch with her, and had hoped she'd be at the Reunion.  Unfortunately, I'll never be able to thank her for being my 8th grade mentor.

10/12/15 10:35 AM #4    

Terry Ryder

Laurie's older brother Steve and my older brother, Rich, were best friends in high school and Laurie and I got to know each other a little at Havens. Later, in junior high, I had a secret crush on her and remember playing Spin the Bottle with her and several others whose names I can't remember. I do remember being disappointed that I never got to kiss her!  We both attended Diablo Valley JC in the fall of '61. There she met my best friend Ed Ransom (Oakland High) and they went together for many months. I never saw her after that, sadly.




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