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Susan Krusi

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07/21/11 04:36 PM #1    

Francine Adler (Goldman)

I remember Susan.  We called her Susi Krusi. Her parents owned a ranch in the Bay Area and when we were in elementary school, they volunteered it for , if my memory serves me, Campfire Girls get-togethers.  The ranch may have been in Danville, but I remember thinking at the time that it was a million miles away and very exotic!!  Susi had a crush on a fellow who worked at the ranch and she ended up marrying him.  I always felt that must have been a very happy match. May she rest in peace.


08/23/11 06:56 PM #2    

Penny Knowland (Robb)

Susi was such a good friend.  Her parents ranch was in Alamo and they shared it often for things.  We had such fun being debs together.  She was smoking and burnt a hole in my dress.  She did have a very happy marriage and has 2 daughters, one who lives with her family on their property, or did when Susi died.  I went down to their ranch, somewhere before you get to Santa Barbara but close, for the memorial.

09/11/11 06:26 PM #3    

Kathy Hansen (Lapham)

Other than PE I don't think Susie and I had any classes together but we became very close friends during our junior and senior year.  We both boarded horses at Mill College and drove together to the barn nearly every day after school to ride.  On many weekends I was invited to the ranch in Danville......for what ride.  The acreage was beautiful and we never tired of the trails.  We kept in touch during college...she certainly had more fun than I.  She and Skip met during a summer session at Cal Berkeley and they were married in July 1968 and moved to Arroyo Grande.  Eventually they purchased a ranch for cattle and her Arabian horses.  She was accomplished in many of the disciplines: cutting, dressage and endurance, which I think was her favorite.  They had two daughters, the younger one also living on the ranch with her husband and two children.  Somewhere along the way Susie developed breast cancer.  I think many of you knew that as she attended all of the reunions.  She fought it valiantly and won, sort of.  It came back and after many miserable rounds of chemo (she called it rat poison) it found it's way into her spinal column.  She passed away Oct 4, 2004.  She didn't talk much about the disease and she carried on with her life as if the cancer were just an inconvenience.  She was tough.  She never stopped riding and hosted many events on the ranch.  In 2002 when my husband retired, we set out on a road trip which took us west and lasted several months.  One of our stops was a four day visit with Susie and Skip.  We hadn't seen each other for several years and after a quick hello and without skipping a beat she said: "get your boots on".  We were in the saddle in about 10 minutes.   It was wonderful to see her but her energy was obviously diminished.  Her lab work had been good and I assumed (naively) that she was finally getting better.  Skip phoned with the news of her death and with tears streaming down my face I remember him saying "we had so much fun".  What a wonderful tribute to her.  She was smart, very funny and very generous with her knowledge, time and resources.  She was a special friend.  I have kept in touch with her younger daughter (the older one lives back east) and gotten to know the two grandchildren.  Susie never got to see them but she would be very proud.  They are adorable.  After 50 years and hearing from her about the reunions I decided to attend this one, and darn it, she won't be there...... at least not physically.  Are any of you psychic?

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