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Marylin McPhee

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07/19/11 10:24 AM #1    

Jim Packwood

 This is a tough, very sad one.  Junior year: 2 new girls in school: BJ Hawkins & Marilyn.  I asked BJ out several times and had a great time, but her dad (military) was transferred after just 5 months in the area.  C'est Las Vie.  Marilyn was a different story.  Such a beautiful woman/girl.  I figured what the hell, took the plunge and asked her out.  Joy! She said yes.  I think Denny Mulloy and I traded weekend dates with her for about 6 months.  I remember going down to Capwell's to buy yardage for the Square yardage dance, and wondering how the hell it would cover her.  Wow!  I needn't have worried.  We went to the Kappa Roaring 20's dance & the South Seas together.  It was later in the year while we were at dinner at Joe Memoli's  Pizza place down on Jack London Square that she told me that she was engaged to a Law student at Hastings, and they planned to marry.  Man was that a shock!  I had never felt that young or naive before.  And disappointed--- you know it.

Af  the 20th reunion, I vaguely thought I heard her name read amongst the deceased, but dismissed it.  At the 30th,  I ran into Sue Miles who confirmed that Marilyn had died of breast Ca. at about age 35.  I was depressed for a long time wondering how that could happen to someone so young.  I still remember the awkwardness of walking up her driveway after a date, and facing the age-old dilemma of whether or not to try for a kiss.  She was kind; she made the first move.  She never knew it, but she moved me one step closer to feeling love. 

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